Biden’s border poses a new threat to America that has even Democrats terrified

For years, Joe Biden and the left have been crippling America because of their policies. And they refuse to admit that anything is wrong.

But now Biden’s border poses a new threat to America that has even Democrats terrified.

Because of Joe Biden, the United States has been opened up to an entirely new kind of attack that could claim the lives of literally millions.

For years, Americans have been complaining about the state of the US border with Mexico, but those on the Radical Left have refused to listen.

But now, there seems to be no avoiding this dangerous issue even if Democrats wanted to.

A terrifying new outbreak of Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) has rocked California, claiming three lives and raising serious concerns about the porous border with Mexico.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed five cases of the potentially fatal disease, all linked to individuals who traveled to or lived in the Mexican city of Tecate.

These shocking cases serve as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by unchecked illegal immigration because of the Radical Left.

With thousands crossing the border unchecked, the potential for disease outbreaks increases exponentially.

Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical contributor, expressed his worries about the situation, stating, “I do worry that with our porous borders, these ticks carrying disease could cross [into the U.S.] with migrants.”

Unlike the well-known Lyme disease, RMSF is transmitted by the bite of infected brown dog ticks, often found on domestic canines.

These ticks are larger than Lone Star ticks and lack their characteristic white spot, making identification more challenging.

While the disease is treatable with antibiotics, early diagnosis is crucial.

The CDC urges healthcare professionals to consider RMSF when evaluating patients with fever and recent travel to northern Mexico.

The outbreak highlights the urgency for stricter border security measures and more control over who is able to enter this country.

Those on the Radical Left claim that any sort of border control is xenophobia or racism, however, the simple truth is that there MUST be border control if America is to survive.

We must act now to tighten our borders and protect our citizens from this deadly threat that could take the lives of so many Americans.

Joe Biden and the Radical Left have no choice now but to address the growing issue on the US-Mexico border.

They cannot hide from their problems anymore, and the entire nation is begging the Left to help in this disastrous situation.

Joe Biden seems obsessed with the CDC and so does the Radical Left (especially because of COVID-19), so now they have no choice but to listen to the precautions and secure the US border.

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