Biden’s newest Radical policy changes target children and families, and Americans are furious

Joe Biden and the Radical Left have been doing everything they can to dismantle American families. But now, they have taken things way too far.

And now, Biden’s newest Radical policy changes have targeted children and Americans are furious.

In recent days, President Joe Biden’s administration has unveiled significant revisions to Title IX rules, initially aimed at enhancing protections for LGBTQ students.

However, many people have expressed concerns that the changes could impact not only female athletes but also parents, potentially leading to serious ramifications for families.

One prominent critic, attorney Candice Jackson, who served as Acting Assistant Secretary in the Department of Education during the Trump administration, has voiced her worries that the new rules could have unintended consequences, particularly in conjunction with existing mandatory reporting policies for suspected child abuse.

Jackson raised the alarm that these changes might lead schools to report non-affirming parents to Child Protective Services (CPS).

In a post on X, Jackson explained, “A disturbing corollary of Biden’s Title IX Rule: with policies reflecting the Ed Dept’s position that refusing to treat someone ‘consistent with gender identity’ damages mental health, schools will now HAVE TO consider reporting ‘non-affirming’ parents to Child Protective Services.”

Jackson noted that concerns about this issue were raised during the rule’s drafting process, but the Department of Education dismissed them, stating, “Title IX doesn’t interfere with family life; schools don’t have to remedy harassment occurring outside school.”

However, as Jackson pointed out, schools are bound by state laws that require them to act as mandatory reporters, obligated to report suspected abuse.

The underlying issue, according to Jackson’s interpretation of the new rules, is that the Biden administration views a failure to affirm a student’s gender identity as potentially harmful to the child’s mental health.

Therefore, parents who do not affirm their children’s gender identities might be seen as contributing to emotional distress or psychological harm.

This interpretation could compel educators to report parents who do not support their children’s gender transitions to Child Protective Services.

The concern extends to parents who may object to schools that socially transition their children without parental consent or involvement.

The Title IX revisions have further inflamed concerns after revelations that the state of Illinois was planning to redefine child abuse to include a refusal to accommodate a child’s gender identity.

This legislative change could empower state authorities, through CPS, to remove children from homes where parents do not affirm a new gender identity or assist children in obtaining puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or even surgeries.

The broader implications of these developments highlight the tension between parental rights and government intervention in matters of child welfare and gender identity.

Critics argue that the Title IX changes, along with state-level policies like those in Illinois, create an environment where parental authority and family autonomy are undermined by government dictates on sensitive and personal issues.

These policies risk alienating parents and infringing on fundamental parental rights, setting a dangerous precedent for government overreach.

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