Chilling border report exposes foreign nation’s plans to take over

Everyone knows that the situation at the US border is dire. But things have taken a terrifying turn.

Because now, a chilling border report has exposed a foreign nation’s plans to invade.

A recent Fox News report by Bill Melugin documenting a surge in Chinese nationals attempting to cross the US-Mexico border illegally has shocked and terrified many.

Many Americans view it as a national security threat demanding stronger border measures, while others view it as something even more sinister.

Melugin’s report, citing a CBP source, claims a staggering 4,000% increase in apprehensions of Chinese nationals at the southern border since October 2023.

This figure, contrasting sharply with the 450 encounters for the whole of fiscal year 2021, has warned the entire nation of what is about to come.

The report further shows a reduction in interview questions for apprehended Chinese nationals, implemented through an email to Border Patrol agents in April 2023.

This policy shift has fueled concerns about national security risks associated with streamlined processing and potential threats slipping through the cracks.

Many Americans also wonder at the coincidence that Chinese nationals are asked fewer questions and are granted easier access into the US.

Proponents of stricter border measures advocate for comprehensive vetting procedures to safeguard national security.

The flow of migrants has shifted dramatically, and now hundreds and thousands of Chinese nationals are flooding the country.

Americans are worried about this shift, especially when our President is the weakest one we have had in decades… if not ever.

Biden and the Radical Left seem to be doing everything they can to weaken the nation and open it up to attacks from China.

One journalist reported: “Fox cameras witnessed hundreds of Chinese nationals crossing illegally here in Jacumba. Again, most of them single adults, very few of any with little children with them.”

Since the beginning of the 2024 fiscal year, there have been over 20,000 encounters with illegal immigrants from China at the border.

This is no coincidence, and the American people need to be cautious.

We cannot allow a weak president and administration to cripple this country any further.

America needs a leader who will take a strong stance against the Radical policies of the Left.

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