Chuck Schumer is terrified as this Democratic candidate in a battleground state stumbles about before the election

In just a few short weeks, the U.S. Senate will be the center of attention. For the next two years, whoever holds control of the Senate will be in a strong position to dominate Washington, D.C. politics.

Now Chuck Schumer is terrified As this Democratic candidate in a battleground state stumbles about before the election.

The midterm elections are the focus of the corporate-controlled media.

Biden and his radical administration won’t be able to push their agenda into law if Democrats lose control of Congress by significant margins.

Republicans appear to have a chance of winning this one, assuming they don’t take victory from their opponents’ hands.

Even high-class households are having to watch their spending because of the state of our economy.

The price of gas is almost back to all-time highs.

The Left is enjoying watching as millions of illegal immigrants pour into our country through our open borders.

And a nuclear confrontation over the Ukrainian wheat plains is edging closer by the hour.

And with all of these issues in the air, surely even Republican leadership couldn’t squander this chance?

They could, but as we all know, Mitch McConnell would prefer to remain in charge with a minority to a Senate Republican majority backed by Donald Trump.

However, Republican candidates are still standing their ground and making a valiant effort to reclaim their seats even though he has cut off funding in crucial Senate contests.

Republicans are beginning to gain ground in states like Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, which might give them a Senate majority.

Democrats, however, thought that one contest was “in the bag” up until the release of recent surveys.

One of the few senators in Washington, D.C., Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, has mostly served as a spokesman for the conservative movement.

Johnson has been the go-to person for bringing issues to the Senate’s attention when it comes to the shot and its negative effects.

Johnson has also always backed the Second Amendment.

Leftists in Wisconsin’s purple state believed they had a chance to remove him from office due to his conservative views.

But based on the most recent surveys, Ron Johnson seems to have a solid chance of keeping his seat.

In a YouGov/CBS News poll conducted last week, Ron was in the lead going into the last four weeks of the campaign.

A one-point lead in Wisconsin may become a five-point landslide in a potential red-wave election year.

Even the New York Times can see what Mandela Barnes, Ron’s radical socialist rival, is facing.

The attack commercials from Mr. Johnson and his affiliated super PACs, according to the Times reporter, “have tanked Mr. Barnes’s standing, particularly among the state’s picky independent voters.”

And Barnes’ fans are becoming alarmed; one even referred to Ron Johnson’s talking points as “remarkably effective.”

Before long, we’ll learn who really holds the reins in the Senate.

But we can all hope for a sizable majority that will not only thwart the Left but also compel the Washington, D.C., Republican establishment to take the initiative on a number of issues.

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