Democrat advisors uncover secret plan to out Biden before convention

At this point, it is no secret that Democrats are done with Biden. But people were still surprised when they announced this move.

And Democrat advisors have uncovered a secret plan to out Biden before the convention.

As the 2024 election draws near, concerns about President Biden’s cognitive health have intensified, leading to a shocking plan from influential Democrats.

The proposal, revealed in a memo obtained by Semafor, involves a “blitz primary” to replace Biden before the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in August.

Ted Dintersmith, a prominent venture capitalist, and Rosa Brooks, a former Biden campaign advisor, are behind this plan, which aims to rejuvenate the Democratic Party’s chances in the upcoming election.

The memo outlines a dramatic strategy: President Biden would step down as the Democratic nominee in mid-July, supported by Vice President Kamala Harris. A swift primary would follow, allowing new candidates a few days to enter the race.

DNC delegates would then select six candidates to campaign until the convention, where the nominee would be chosen through ranked-choice voting. This nominee would be announced on stage in a grand event featuring Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton.

Dintersmith expressed the need to shift the current narrative and uplift the party amid growing concerns about Biden’s ability to lead. “In the midst of malaise and crisis, we can forge an uplifting path,” he stated.

However, convincing Biden to step down presents a significant challenge, as he has made it clear he does not intend to drop out of the race against his Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump.

Concerns over Biden’s cognitive health are not new but have become more pronounced following his recent debate performance against Trump. High-profile Democratic donors and lawmakers have increasingly voiced their worries, fearing a lack of a viable path to victory in November​.

Reports of Biden’s cognitive decline have been circulating for months, with many pointing to his frequent gaffes and lapses as evidence​ ​.

The memo details an ambitious timeline: the blitz primary would begin with Biden’s resignation announcement, followed by a rapid-fire entry period for new candidates.

Delegates would select six contenders to campaign in weekly forums moderated by cultural icons like Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Oprah. This process aims to energize the voter base and present a dynamic, unified front at the convention in Chicago on August 19​ ​.

The Democratic Party is in a state of panic, as evidenced by the increasing calls for Biden to withdraw.

This strategy, however, has sparked controversy within the party. While some see it as a necessary move to avert a potential electoral disaster, others view it as a desperate and potentially destabilizing maneuver.

The idea of using cultural icons to moderate forums has been particularly divisive, with critics arguing it could trivialize the primary process.

From a conservative viewpoint, this development highlights the instability and lack of confidence within the Democratic Party.

The GOP has consistently questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities, and this internal Democratic turmoil only bolsters their argument. Former President Donald Trump, who remains the leading Republican candidate, has capitalized on these concerns, framing Biden as unfit for office and calling for greater transparency regarding his health​​.

The proposed “blitz primary” underscores the Democratic Party’s urgent need to address growing doubts about President Biden’s cognitive health and leadership capabilities.

As the 2024 election approaches, the party faces a critical decision: whether to stand by their incumbent president or risk a dramatic shake-up in hopes of revitalizing their campaign.

Regardless of the outcome, this unprecedented strategy is sure to have profound implications for the Democratic Party and the broader political landscape.

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