Democrat candidate calls for horrific treatment of Trump supporters

The Radical Left is hiding their hatred for Americans less and less. But no one expected them to take things this far.

And a Democrat candidate has called for the horrific treatment of Trump supporters.

In a stunning revelation during a Zoom townhall meeting, Paula Collins, a New York Democrat running for Congress, suggested that supporters of former President Donald Trump should be subjected to “re-education camps” to help the country recover from what she described as the “MAGA nightmare.”

Collins, who is challenging GOP House Chairwoman and New York Representative Elise Stefanik in the 21st congressional district, made these comments while discussing the future of America post-2024 elections.

“Even if we were to have a resounding blue wave come through, as many of us would like, putting it all back together again after we’ve gone through this MAGA nightmare and re-educating basically, which, that sounds like a rather, a re-education camp. I don’t think we really want to call it that,” Collins stated during the virtual townhall. She added, “I’m sure we can find another way to phrase it,” as reported by Fox Digital.

Following the backlash from her comments, Collins attempted to clarify her statement to Fox Digital.

“We currently have lawmakers, including Rep. Elise Stefanik, who mis-quote or mis-understand the law… Even if MAGA were to be resoundingly defeated, we would need to engage in widespread civics education, which both red and blue voters acknowledge has been slipping in recent years,” she said.

Collins claimed that her goal was to enhance the public’s understanding of civic processes, not to enforce literal re-education camps.

“The goal would be such that regular citizens could understand the process by which the state courts process matters, compared to the federal court circuit, and so forth,” she explained.

The comments sparked outrage among Republicans, with Elise Stefanik leading the charge.

Stefanik, who has been a vocal supporter of Trump and a critic of the recent legal actions against him, condemned Collins’ remarks.

Stefanik described the verdict against Trump in the falsified business records case as “corrupt” and “illegally brought.”

In a statement responding to Collins’ comments, Stefanik said, “Joe Biden and Democrats up and down the ballot are attacking democracy by weaponizing lawfare against President Trump and now threatening ‘re-education camps’ for Trump voters. Joe Biden, Hakeem Jeffries, and Chuck Schumer must immediately condemn this statement.”

Alex DeGrasse, a senior advisor to Stefanik, also weighed in on the controversy.

“This radical New York City Democrat Socialist who literally is renting a bed and breakfast room in NY-21 was caught on tape saying she wants to force Trump voters through ‘re-education camps.’ Everyone knows she will be defeated by Elise Stefanik by a historic margin. This is yet another reason why President Trump, Elise Stefanik, and voters in Upstate and across America will clean the Democrats’ clocks at the ballot box this November,” DeGrasse stated.

Collins’ remarks about “re-education camps” are likely to be a focal point in the campaign, providing fodder for Stefanik and her supporters to rally against extreme and out-of-touch liberal policies.

The idea of “re-education” is particularly incendiary, evoking historical parallels to authoritarian regimes, which is anathema to the values held by many American voters.

As the campaign progresses, it will be crucial for Collins to navigate the fallout from her remarks and attempt to connect with voters in a district that has consistently favored Republican candidates.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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