Democrat congressman makes horrifying border comments that completely expose the Left

The Radical Left has been neglecting our border in favor of foreign countries for far too long. But now, America knows the reason why.

Because a Democrat congressman has made horrifying border comments that completely expose the Left.

During the House discussion on a major foreign aid bill that would give $60 billion to Ukraine, Rep. Gerald Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia, declared that the boundary between Ukraine and Russia is “our border.”

“Some say we have to deal with our border first,” Connolly stated. “The Ukrainian-Russian border is our border!”

Connolly continued and said, “It’s the border between depraved autocracy and freedom-loving people seeking our democratic way of life. Do we have a stake in that outcome?”

He answered, “Yes. Undeniably, yes.”

He then asked, “Will we rise to the occasion? Will we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who for 1,151 days have been holding off the depraved, thuggish dictator Vladimir Putin, who has respected no norms of warfare.”

“He’s targeted children and hospitals and schools. He’s bombed apartment blocks killing 1,000s,” he continued.

Despite the absence of a clause protecting the US border, the law was passed, and Democratic members of the House waved Ukrainian flags upon the bill’s passage.

Additionally, Connolly supported assistance for Gaza, a place that is at war with Israel, an ally of the United States, after terrorists from Gaza massacred Israeli people on October 7, 2023.

Connolly has also demanded a ceasefire in Israel, but has not called for one in Ukraine.

“Today’s funding package, however, must not distract us from efforts to bring home the hostages and use every piece of leverage available to us to push for a mutually agreed upon ceasefire and insist that Israel fight Hamas in a way that abides by international law and reflects our shared democratic values,” said Connolly.

He also urged Biden to stop the money for Israel included in the measure he supported from getting to Israel, adding:

“I call on the President to withhold the transfer of any offensive weapons until there is a robust agreement on humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people and until Israel accepts President Biden’s caution about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s catastrophic plans for Rafah.”

This sort of hypocrisy and flip-flop has caused many Americans to wonder why the Left is so insistent on sending our money and weapons to foreign countries instead of securing our own nation.

Many Republicans in Congress and the rest of the country have strongly expressed that the US border with Mexico is the actual border that needs to be guarded.

Since Joe Biden assumed office in 2021, millions of illegal immigrants have entered the country, and his administration has implemented policies allowing an extra 30,000 illegal immigrants from particular nations to enter the country each month.

In response to a question on how long Americans should expect to pay for the war in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, stressed that “Americans are not funding the war in Ukraine. They first and foremost protect freedom and democracy all over Europe.”

He asserted that the US was genuinely defending Europe by supporting Ukraine’s endeavor.

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