Democrat governor has had enough of Joe Biden and let him know

The Radical Left tries to paint a picture of all Democrats rallying behind Joe Biden. But the reality is much different.

And a Democrat governor has had enough of Joe Biden and has sent a clear message.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, is taking matters into her own hands, signing an executive order on Friday to send the state’s National Guard to the southern border.

This bold move comes amidst growing frustration with the Biden administration’s inaction on the escalating immigration crisis.

“Yet again, the federal government is refusing to do its job to secure our border and keep our communities safe,” Hobbs declared in a press release. “With this Executive Order, I am taking action where the federal government won’t.”

Hobbs’ call to action isn’t just rhetoric. The governor cited “desperately needed resources” denied by the Biden administration, highlighting Arizona’s struggle to manage the influx of migrants.

This follows Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin’s unprecedented shutdown of the Tucson Sector’s social media accounts, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of crossings.

The National Guard won’t be tasked with law enforcement, but rather play a critical support role.

As Captain Erin Hannigan explained, “There’s a lot that goes on with law enforcement… stepping in to do that for them so that they can be on the streets is really what we are trying to do.”

This frees up Border Patrol agents for frontline duties, potentially addressing operational bottlenecks.

Hobbs’ bold move isn’t without precedent. Democrat Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, frustrated by his own pleas for federal assistance, recently warned residents, “help is not on the way.”

This growing bipartisan frustration with the Biden administration’s border policy sets the stage for a potentially volatile political landscape.

With Arizona taking an independent stand, the question becomes: will other states follow suit?

Governor Hobbs’ gamble could inspire a domino effect, forcing the White House to acknowledge the crisis and reconsider its approach.

Or, this could deepen the partisan divide, leading to a patchwork of conflicting border policies across the nation.

One thing is certain: the situation at the US-Mexico border continues to simmer, threatening border communities and fueling political tensions.

Whether Arizona’s independent action sparks real change or simply becomes a symbolic gesture remains to be seen.

The reality is that more and more Democrats are waking up to the destructive agenda of the Biden administration, and they are acting against the president.

Joe Biden is trying to destroy America, and we won’t have it.

Enough is enough, and even Democrats have realized that Joe Biden wants nothing but destruction for this amazing country.

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