Democrat Mayor admits that Biden has destroyed this country

The Radical Left is trying to paint a rosy picture of Joe Biden for this election season. However, when your own party turns on you, it can never be good.

And now, a Democrat Mayor has admitted that Biden has destroyed this country.

New York City’s honeymoon with Democrat policies is officially over, with Mayor Eric Adams delivering a brutal wake-up call to residents: prepare for crippling budget cuts thanks to “extremely painful” consequences of unchecked illegal immigration.

In a stark Sunday interview, Adams ripped the mask off the myth of open borders, exposing the devastating reality on the ground: a $7 billion city deficit, overwhelmed social services, and a bleak future under the yoke of federal inaction.

The magnitude of the crisis is staggering:

Over 150,000 illegal migrants and asylum seekers have surged into the city, creating a “bump in the road” that has morphed into a mountainous obstacle to recovery.

This Democrat-manufactured calamity has forced Adams into a Sophie’s Choice: slash essential services or drown in debt.

“Everything’s on the table,” he warned, with lower-income communities, education, and even public safety hanging by a thread.

Yet, amidst this dystopian landscape, the Democrat’s promised “insurance policy” – the federal government – remains conspicuously absent.

“They’re not paying us,” Adams lamented, drawing an apt analogy: “everything in that household is going to be impacted.”

With the feds holding out on much-needed financial assistance, New Yorkers are left holding the bag, bearing the brunt of a crisis they had no say in creating.

Perhaps the most damning indictment comes from Adams himself: “We underestimated the impact of the migrant and asylum-seeker issue.”

This mea culpa from a Democrat mayor – once a cheerleader for open borders – lays bare the catastrophic failures of the party’s immigration policies.

The utopian vision of inclusivity has morphed into a nightmare of fiscal ruin, social strain, and dwindling faith in government competence.

The Biden administration’s response? A deafening silence.

After his recent face-to-face with congressional leaders, Adams emerged with “no level of optimism,” his hopes crushed by the cold reality of federal abandonment.

“This crisis is going to be carried by the cities,” he declared, a bitter consequence of Democrat failures foisted upon local communities.

As New Yorkers brace for “extremely painful” cuts, the question remains: how long will it take for the siren song of Democrat utopianism to lose its allure?

The answer may lie in the icy grip of reality, as city streets become less safe, budgets crumble, and the American dream shrinks under the weight of unchecked immigration.

The time for open-border fantasies is over; only time will tell if the Radical Left will heed the cries of anguish before it’s too late for cities like New York.

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