Democrats caught using taxpayer money for the most disgusting thing imaginable

The Radical Left cannot help but steal money from Americans to push their Radical Agenda. But now, they have taken things too far.

And Democrats were caught using taxpayer money for the most disgusting thing imaginable.

On Thursday morning at 2:30 am, Congress sent out the text of a $1.2 trillion, one thousand-plus page spending bill available.

Senator Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat from Wisconsin, has designated $400,000 of it to go toward Briarpatch Youth Services, which provides teens with chest binders.

The continuing resolution, which is intended to finance the government through Fiscal Year 2024, designates $293,757,369 for “Community Project 23 Funding and Congressionally Directed Spending grants,”.

One of the addenda to the package designates $400,000 to be donated to Briarpatch Youth Services, a Dane County, Wisconsin-based nonprofit whose goal is to “strengthen the lives of youth and families”.

Teens Like Us Program (TLU), an LGBTQ group that allows children ages 13 to 18 to “come out,” is one of Briarpatch’s programs.

Minors can join TLU without their parent’s consent.

On its website, TLU from Briarpatch still mandates that masks be worn in person for youth group activities.

Regarding breast binders, the website says, “Need gender-affirming clothing (binders, gaffs, etc.) but you can’t afford them or you aren’t ‘out’? We can help! Email us at to learn more!”

“Our favorite online shop for binders, gaffs, swimwear, and more is Origami Customs. They can also make custom sizes at no extra charge! They also have great resources to teach you how to measure yourself for the best fitting garment, and how to practice safe binding and tucking. Check them out here:,” says the group.

“They’ve offered me resources like binders and packers (which is awesome),” read one review of the organization.

Along with pronoun pins, trans tape kits, youth packers, pride flags, and decorations, the group also sells fake breasts.

This sort of madness has gone on so long, that the Radical Left is able to quietly get away with funding groups that push minors into s*x changes without their parent’s consent.

This is ridiculous, and Americans need to be speaking up about this horrifying discovery.

How much longer are we going to just sit idly by while the Left steals our money and uses it to push their agenda on our children?

We must demand accountability for our politicians and we cannot allow them to continue this any longer.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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