Democrats come out with shocking treasonous policy that will destroy America

The Left’s hatred for America has always been evident. But now people are actually scared.

Because Democrats have come out with a shocking treasonous policy that will destroy America.

In a disturbing development, a branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) known as the Red Star Caucus has openly declared their support for Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, in an article posted on their website.

The far-left faction within the DSA has faced significant backlash from moderate Democrats following the brutal October 7 attacks against Israel by Hamas militants.

The Red Star Caucus published an article on Friday calling for the “defeat of the Israeli state” and advocating for the organization to take a firm stance in backing Hamas.

The Marxist-Leninist caucus stated, “We do not condemn Hamas, and neither should you.”

This brazen support for a recognized terrorist group has raised alarms about the DSA’s ideological direction and its implications for American politics.

The article from the Red Star Caucus justifies the October 7 massacre, which saw over 1,200 people killed in Israel, by framing it as a legitimate act of resistance.

They argue that true resistance often faces propaganda and backlash but is vindicated by history.

“Many people support the idea of resistance, and even support real resistance once it is safely in the past and the propaganda has withered away. But in the moment, when the actual resistance is disrupting the status quo, people are dying, and the propaganda machine is in full gear, some people falter, and leave support for the resistance to the historians,” the article states.

On October 8, the Red Star Caucus began organizing protests across the United States in response to the attacks.

Their Palestinian Solidarity Working Group released a “tool kit” to help coordinate pro-Hamas rallies nationwide, further amplifying their controversial stance.

The article criticized mainstream media for labeling the “Palestinian resistance” as “Hamas,” preferring instead to describe it as a “popular front involving several militant organizations.”

The Red Star Caucus glorifies several terrorist organizations, including Hamas, al-Qassam, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).

They argue that these groups, despite ideological differences, unite against a common enemy: Israel. They commend Palestinian communists for fighting alongside Islamist factions, suggesting that doing so builds support and legitimacy for socialism in Palestine.

The article criticizes efforts to combat terrorism as counterproductive, asserting that supporting the Palestinian resistance inherently means supporting Hamas.

“To support a resistance without Hamas is to support something which does not exist. It is to support no resistance at all,” the article argues, dismissing any attempts to distinguish between militant factions and peaceful protestors.

The Red Star Caucus doesn’t stop at supporting Hamas; they extend their rhetoric to an outright rejection of Israel’s right to exist and criticize any form of American support for Israel.

They claim that distancing from Hamas would only serve Israel’s interests and weaken the overall resistance movement. The group labels all forces allied with Israel, including the United States, as enemies, advocating for an “Axis of Resistance” against what they perceive as imperialist forces.

This open endorsement of Hamas by the DSA has significant implications, and it highlights the growing extremism within the Democratic Party.

This development demands a strong response from both political leaders and the public to ensure that extremist views do not gain a foothold in American politics.

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