Democrats just exposed themselves in one shocking act

The Radical Left continues to go off the deep end. But now this is taking things too far.

And Democrats just exposed themselves in one shocking act.

In a shocking display of disunity, nearly 100 House Democrats voted “present” on a resolution Tuesday that “strongly condemned and denounced the drastic rise of anti-Semitism in the United States and around the world.”

While the resolution passed by a comfortable margin of 311-14, the high number of abstentions from Democrats raises serious questions about their commitment to combating this growing threat.

The resolution, authored by Jewish Republicans David Kustoff and Max Miller, sparked controversy due to its inclusion of the statement that “anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.”

This led to several prominent Democrats, including Jerry Nadler, Dan Goldman, and Jamie Raskin, urging their colleagues to vote “present” instead of supporting the resolution.

Their reasoning? They argued that focusing on equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism would stifle legitimate criticism of the Israeli government and create a dangerous precedent.

However, this explanation fails to convince many observers. As Rep. John Rose (R-TN) pointed out, the resolution simply condemned anti-Semitism in general, not specific criticisms of Israel.

He called it a “shame” that more Democrats couldn’t “join us in what was a widely bipartisan vote.”

The public reaction to this vote has been swift and harsh. Many are questioning the Democrats’ stance on anti-Semitism, especially given the recent rise in hate crimes against Jews.

Others point to the hypocrisy of a party that claims to be champions of diversity and inclusion while simultaneously abstaining on a measure condemning hate.

The implications of this vote are far-reaching. It exposes a deep division within America on the issue of anti-Semitism and raises concerns about the ability to effectively address this growing problem.

Furthermore, it sends a message that anti-Semitism may not be taken as seriously by this administration as it should be.

As the fight against anti-Semitism continues, the actions of the Democratic party will be closely scrutinized.

Their willingness to stand up and condemn this hatred, regardless of whether it aligns with their political views, will determine whether they are truly committed to the American people.

The Radical Leftists refuse to condemn anti-semitism yet rush to condemn things that fit their narrative and their radical agenda.

This sort of leadership is exactly why America is crumbling, and unless we as Americans vote for strong leaders, the future of America is doomed.

Once again, Democrat leadership in this country has failed our Jewish community.

The current administration’s refusal to condemn the shocking rise of anti-semitism across the nation is a terrifying step in the wrong direction.

These leaders who took oaths to serve and protect our country, need to be reminded that their refusal to condemn hatred towards Jews will only mean their removal from office.

We need to remove these corrupt officials who refuse to condemn these atrocities in America.

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