Democrats stabbed in the back by former ally who exposed shocking secrets

The Left wants to hide as much of the truth from America as they can. But the American people will always find out.

And now, Democrats have been stabbed in the back by a former ally who exposed their shocking secrets.

As the Manhattan District Attorney’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump nears its conclusion, CNN’s top data analyst, Harry Enten, reported this week that the case has not significantly influenced public opinion about Trump.

Despite weeks of high-profile court proceedings and media coverage, the trial has not swayed voters’ perceptions of the former president.

Enten noted that the percentage of voters who believe Trump may have engaged in illegal activities remains unchanged.

Additionally, the proportion of Americans who consider the charges serious has actually decreased, dropping from 40% to 35%.

“Perhaps things might have changed with those 12 jurors, but when it comes to the larger American public, there has been no change, at least so far,” Enten explained during his analysis.

When questioned about why public opinion has remained static, Enten suggested that Americans are preoccupied with more pressing issues affecting their daily lives, leading to a general disinterest in the Trump trial.

“Well, folks like you and me, real news junkies might be paying really close attention to what is going on,” Enten said. “But the majority of Americans are more concerned with issues that directly impact them.”

According to Enten’s analysis, a greater percentage of Americans are following news related to the economy and inflation (65%), immigration (52%), election legitimacy (49%), and abortion (47%) compared to Trump’s court cases, which only 42% of Americans are closely following.

“When we are looking at these numbers, what we see is Americans’ minds aren’t changing and a big reason why Americans’ minds aren’t changing is at this particular point, they are tuned out of the conversation,” he added.

Enten also highlighted that Trump’s polling lead over President Joe Biden, which CNN previously reported as a +1 point advantage, has remained steady throughout the trial.

This indicates that the legal proceedings have not eroded Trump’s support base nor significantly bolstered Biden’s position.

This stagnation in public opinion can be interpreted as a reflection of broader voter concerns and the issues dominating the national conversation.

While the trial has undoubtedly been a focal point for media and political analysts, everyday Americans are more concerned with economic pressures, border security, and questions about the integrity of the electoral process.

The data suggest that Americans are feeling the strain of economic challenges more acutely than the political drama surrounding Trump’s legal battles.

Inflation continues to impact household budgets, and economic uncertainty remains a top priority for many voters.

Immigration also remains a hot-button issue, particularly in light of the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

Voters are increasingly worried about border security and the federal government’s handling of immigration policies, which they see as directly impacting national security and economic stability.

Additionally, debates over election legitimacy and the integrity of the voting process have kept the issue in the public eye, further overshadowing the Trump trial.

Concerns about voter fraud and the security of future elections are critical issues that many Americans believe have long-term implications for the country’s democratic processes.

Harry Enten’s analysis underscores a critical point: while the Trump trial may be a significant event in the political and media landscape, it has not substantially shifted public opinion.

Americans are grappling with a host of other issues that they deem more pressing and relevant to their lives.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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