Devastating reality check forces this top Democrat to eat their words

Democrats have been backpedaling their policies every time they are affected by the terrible consequences. Will the Democrats ever learn that their policies are terrible?

And one devastating reality check forced this top Democrat to eat their words.

A prominent Democrat leader has experienced the horrifying consequences of her own failed policies.

A Minnesota Democratic lawmaker has been beaten in a brutal carjacking that has her calling for stronger crime laws.

The ironic bit is that this lawmaker has in the past loudly and strongly called for “dismantling” of the police.

Since the carjacking, lawmaker Shivanthi Sathanadan has called for the criminals to be held accountable.

She said we need to “hold them in custody and prosecute them” and criticized lighter prosecution saying they needed to be “holding them accountable for their actions” instead of letting them roam free.

However, in 2020 her social media posts were covered in anti-police rhetoric and calls for the “dismantlement” of the police.

Yet now that she is the victim of her own proposed terrible policies, she is quickly backpedaling and changing her viewpoint.

It is ironic because that seems to be the way things go with Democrats.

It is similar to the immigrant crisis happening right now.

Democrat lawmakers are calling for wide open borders and no restrictions, but when they deal with the consequences of their own policies or suggestions, they immediately change their mind.

One would think that would cause more Democrats to think about what they are proposing before acting, yet nothing has changed yet.

After her mugging, Sathanadan thanked the “incredible” Minneapolis PD for their assistance and help… a far cry from her choice words for them in 2020.

In 2020 she claimed that “MPD has systemically failed the Black Community, they have failed ALL OF US.”

In another post, she applauded the Minneapolis school board’s decision to sever ties with the department claiming that “MPD should have no place in our children’s schools.”

Yet now she has done a complete 180 and is supporting the department and calling for stronger crime laws.

The hypocrisy and incompetency of the Democrat party seems shocking.

It is miraculous that people will still vote for lawmakers who don’t understand how the world works and will change their mind over policies left and right.

It is time to vote in politicians who care about America and will make it better.

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