Donald Trump is furious about what DeSantis just did to him

Trump versus DeSantis is proving to be a major showdown. Tensions are already heating up.

And now Donald Trump is furious about what DeSantis just did to him.

Recently, the Trump campaign cancelled an event in Iowa citing concerns for the weather interrupting the campaign stop.

Ron DeSantis was also scheduled to go to Iowa during that time, but instead of cancelling, he proceeded with his scheduled stops there.

He attended a Sioux Center event that brought hundreds of conservatives to watch Ron DeSantis speak in lieu of Trump’s missing appearance in the city.

What happened there is quite interesting and might shock you.

DeSantis spoke about how he approaches governing Florida and what he thinks governing should be about versus what most politicians make it out to be.

“Governing is not about entertaining. Governing is not about building a brand or talking on social media and virtue signaling,” Ron DeSantis said at the event.

“It’s ultimately about winning and producing results,” he added.

A couple of Americans attending the event were caught on camera approaching Ron DeSantis to give him their two cents.

One gentleman advised DeSantis to not “worry about Trump” and “tell people what they need to hear” instead.

Another gentleman approached DeSantis and said that he was prepared to vote for Trump again, but has instead switched his opinion to be in support of Ron DeSantis.

Of course, these are just two anecdotal pieces of evidence that don’t share the whole picture of where conservative voters are at in terms of supporting Trump or DeSantis.

But what’s interesting is that the critical state of Iowa for the primaries seems to be up in the air for the most part.

A poll conducted in the state found that about 74% of Iowa Republican voters would vote for Trump but are completely open to voting for other candidates like Ron DeSantis.

So while Ron DeSantis may be leading the polls at this time, there’s a ton of voters who may yet change their mind because both Trump and DeSantis are strong picks.

While the media wants to make Trump and DeSantis out to be sworn enemies, the truth is that they are caught in a very important race for President.

Obviously both men want to have a shot to beat Joe Biden and both men believe they are the ones to do it.

The good part in all of this is that conservative voters have two incredibly strong men to pick from to kick Joe Biden out of office come November 2024.

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