Foreign attack in US state shocks the nation

Since Joe Biden’s border security has been so weak, the United States has been weakened. But now the unthinkable has happened.

And a foreign attack in a US state has shocked the nation.

Three Chinese nationals were detained early on Wednesday morning by border police in Maine as they attempted to enter the state illegally from the US north of Fort Fairfield.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency intercepted the three unidentified Chinese nationals as they were crossing the border, according to reporting from Maine Wire, a local outlet.

“After noticing suspicious activity along the border, vigilant Fort Fairfield Border Patrol agents arrested three Chinese nationals attempting to use the cover of darkness to illegally enter the United States,” read a CBP statement.

“A driver from New York, also a Chinese national who is already in immigration proceedings was also arrested and suspected of attempting to further the illegal entry,” it added.

A fourth Chinese national was detained as well on suspicion of helping the other people cross the border illegally.

This individual was driving at the time.

If the citizens belonged to the groups referred to as Asian Transnational Criminal Organizations by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), it was not immediately clear.

A DHS memo claims that these criminal groups operate drug operations across Maine’s northern border.

The operations’ profits are utilized to support drug trafficking, human smuggling, and other illegal activities.

The number of Chinese illegal immigrants entering the US under Joe Biden is still rising, and this arrest has highlighted the increase.

Since Biden assumed office in 2021, the number of these foreign nationals apprehended at the border with Mexico has increased by 4,000 percent.

Additionally, the DHS under Biden has loosened up the screening procedures for the influx of illegal immigrants into the nation.

There were only five interview questions left on the list of 40 for the vetting process.

Illegal crossings at the northern border increased by 550 percent in 2023 alone.

We cannot allow this madness to continue any longer.

America is under attack, and Joe Biden is doing nothing about it.

The Radical Left is doing absolutely everything they can to destroy this great nation, including opening America up to attacks from China.

We must fight back against the Radical regime of the Left.

We must take to the polls and make our voices heard.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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