Former Clinton advisor deals major blow to Biden campaign, and Democrats are scrambling

If Joe Biden wants to win in November, he has to receive the support of all on the Radical Left. But it appears that will not happen.

And a former Clinton advisor has dealt a major blow to the Biden campaign, and Democrats are scrambling.

Mark Penn, chairman of the Harris Poll and former advisor to the Clintons, has delivered a scathing critique of President Joe Biden’s re-election strategy, spotlighting a fundamental misalignment with the pivotal centrist voters essential for victory in 2024.

In a New York Times op-ed, Penn warns that Biden’s unwavering commitment to a leftist agenda is not just a tactical misstep but a significant political blunder that may ensure his defeat.

Penn describes a troubling scenario where Biden, consumed by the demands of the Radical wing of his party, is neglecting the moderate swing voters who are crucial in swing states.

His current strategy is characterized by radical policies that include a dramatic shift on Israel, an exorbitant $7 trillion budget proposal, substantial tax increases, and a failure to address core issues like inflation, immigration, and energy security effectively.

This Radical drift is particularly pronounced in Biden’s handling of foreign affairs.

His decision to withhold congressionally approved military aid to Israel to appease progressive activists has sparked outrage not only among conservatives but also among many Democrats who view Israel as a vital ally.

This move, along with his administration’s weakness in foreign policy, paints a picture of a presidency out of step with America’s strategic interests and values.

Penn points out that Biden’s progressive policies are alienating, not just on foreign policy but across a spectrum of issues.

From the economy to public safety, Biden’s administration seems more interested in pushing progressive narratives than in solving real-world problems that affect everyday Americans.

The economic downturn, characterized by rampant inflation and stagnant growth under Biden’s watch, contrasts sharply with the relative stability and prosperity during the Trump administration, making Trump’s policies appear more effective in retrospect.

Moreover, Trump’s straightforward approaches to immigration and energy independence resonate with voters who yearn for decisive and effective leadership, unlike Biden’s policies, which seem to favor ideological purity over practical outcomes.

Penn suggests that Biden’s refusal to genuinely address these issues, coupled with his inclination to appease the far-left elements of his party, is disconnecting him from the American mainstream.

Penn advises Biden to pivot towards the center, embracing a pragmatic approach that could appeal to the broad middle of American politics, including disenchanted moderates who once leaned Democrat but now find themselves aligning more with conservative principles due to the Democrats’ leftward lurch.

In essence, Penn’s critique is a dire warning to Biden: continue down the current path of progressive extremism, and face electoral oblivion.

The suggestion is that Biden could learn from the Republican playbook, which focuses on strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, and a robust national defense—qualities that resonate with the majority of Americans.

The implications of Biden’s failure to adapt are stark for the Democrat party.

Penn’s analysis paints a picture of a potential political landscape where Trump’s return to power is not just possible but likely, driven by widespread dissatisfaction with Biden’s administration.

This scenario would not only be a dramatic political comeback for Trump but also a damning indictment of Biden’s presidency, defined by missed opportunities and misguided priorities.

If Biden is to avoid this fate, Penn argues, he must urgently realign his administration with the values and concerns of the average American voter, rather than catering to the ideological fringes.

The choice Biden faces is clear: adapt and survive politically, or remain rigid and face the consequences at the ballot box.

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