Former Obama associate turns on Democrats and reveals the truth about Biden

With the Leftist media doing everything they can to cover for Biden, it has been hard to find any truth. But now, the true story is coming from a place no one expected.

And a former Obama associate has turned on Democrats and revealed the truth about Biden.

In a stunning political shift, a major fundraiser for former President Barack Obama has defected to support Donald Trump, citing significant dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s leadership.

This defection highlights growing concerns among some Democratic supporters over Biden’s handling of various national issues.

Allison Huynh, a significant donor to Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, has openly criticized Biden, stating that the current administration’s performance has been woefully inadequate.

Huynh, who played a crucial role in rallying financial support for Obama, has now switched allegiance, believing that Trump’s policies are more effective in addressing the pressing challenges facing the country.

Huynh has accused Biden of being “asleep at the wheel,” arguing that the President has failed to address critical issues such as the economy, border security, and international relations.

Her remarks echo a growing sentiment among disillusioned Democrats who feel that the Biden administration has not delivered on its promises.

The economy, according to Huynh, is in dire straits under Biden’s leadership. She pointed to skyrocketing inflation, supply chain disruptions, and rising unemployment rates as indicators of the administration’s failure.

Huynh emphasized that Trump’s economic policies, including tax cuts and deregulation, had previously stimulated growth and created jobs, contrasting sharply with the current economic downturn.

Huynh also expressed deep concerns over Biden’s handling of the border crisis. The surge in illegal immigration, he argued, has overwhelmed border states and strained resources, leading to increased crime and insecurity.

Huynh, an immigrant herself, believes that Trump’s strict immigration policies were more effective in controlling the border and ensuring national security.

Huynh‘s switch to Trump is particularly significant given her previous role in the Democratic Party.

Her decision to support Trump reflects a broader discontent among many former Democrat supporters who feel that Biden has not lived up to expectations.

This shift could signal potential challenges for the Democratic Party as it seeks to rally its base ahead of the 2024 elections.

Huynh’s defection underscores the growing division within the Democratic Party.

Many Democrats are increasingly frustrated with the administration’s inability to tackle key issues, and Huynh’s defection is a clear manifestation of this dissatisfaction.

Her public endorsement of Trump is likely to energize the former President’s supporters and could potentially sway undecided voters.

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