Greg Abbott just slapped Joe Biden in the face with a major move

Joe Biden has been neglecting this amazing country for far too long. And people have finally had enough.

And now, Greg Abbott just slapped Joe Biden in the face with a major move.

In a historic move solidifying Texas’ status as a bastion of border security, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 4 into law on Monday, making the Lone Star State the first in the nation to criminalize illegal entry.

This bold step, taken amidst a surging migrant crisis plaguing the southern border, sends a clear message: Texas will not stand idly by while its sovereignty is undermined and communities overwhelmed.

The signing ceremony, held at the base of the border wall in Brownsville, resonated with symbolism.

Surrounded by key figures like Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and border officials, Governor Abbott signaled a unified front against the unprecedented flow of illegal crossings.

With House Speaker Dade Phelan’s notable absence, the occasion became even more poignant, highlighting the partisan divide on this critical issue.

Senate Bill 4 is the cornerstone of a legislative package aimed at stemming the tide of illegal immigration.

By making illegal entry a criminal offense, the law empowers law enforcement officers to arrest and potentially jail those who enter Texas outside designated ports of entry.

This, coupled with harsher penalties for smuggling activities and victim-related offenses, sends a powerful deterrent message to those exploiting our porous border.

The inspiration for this bold move is clear: the federal government’s abysmal failure to enforce existing immigration laws.

Title 8 of the U.S. Code already criminalizes illegal entry, yet the Biden administration’s lax enforcement renders it meaningless.

Texas, unwilling to wait for a broken federal system to fix itself, has taken decisive action to protect its citizens and enforce the rule of law.

Moreover, the law establishes civil immunity for state officials implementing these provisions, shielding them from frivolous lawsuits designed to impede enforcement.

This legal shield further empowers law enforcement, ensuring they can focus on securing the border without fear of unwarranted legal retribution.

Texas’ actions are motivated by the desire to restore order, safety, and fiscal responsibility to its communities.

While legal challenges from the Biden administration are inevitable, Texas has a proven track record of successfully defending its border security measures in court.

The case concerning the floating border buoy barrier, another innovative solution by Governor Abbott, is a prime example.

One thing is certain: Texas is refusing to be a silent victim of the border crisis. By criminalizing illegal entry and taking proactive measures, the state is forging its own path, prioritizing its citizens’ safety and well-being.

Whether Senate Bill 4 withstands legal challenges or not, it serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that states can and will take charge when the federal government fails to fulfill its basic duty of securing the border.

The message is clear: Joe Biden has destroyed this country for too long, and America is fighting back.

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