Greg Abbott sent Joe Biden a letter that sent the White House into a frenzy

The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has had enough of the Biden admin’s failures. Particularly when it comes to the southern border.

That’s why Greg Abbott just sent Joe Biden a letter that sent the White House into a total frenzy.

Governor Abbott has made news for his decision to deport illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.

He has joined other Republican governors in targeting “sanctuary cities” ruled by Democrats with these buses.

Abbott is now upping the ante after easily winning reelection.

He started at the border, where he declared an invasion and sent troops to block the flow of migrants.

Along with his deployment, he wrote a letter to the Biden Administration in which he accused Biden of constitutional violations and laid all the blame on him.

Abbott penned in his letter, “Your sustained dereliction of duty compels Texas to invoke the powers reserved in Article I , § 10, Clause 3, which represents ‘an acknowledgement of the States’ sovereign interest in protecting their borders.’”

He shifted the blame back to Biden for putting ordinary Texans in this predicament.

“By opening our border to this record-breaking level of illegal immigration, you and your Administration are in violation of Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution,” Abbott said.

Abbott added that “in the more than 240 years of our great nation, no administration has done more than yours to place the States in ‘imminent danger’” and said that this is because of “policy decisions and refusal to deliver on the Article IV, § 4 guarantee.’

The US federal government is responsible for protecting state and federal boundaries as well as national sovereignty.

There is no justification for the state governments to ever reach this stage.

Abbott’s description of it as “absence of action by your Administration to secure the border” is the one thing he might have gotten wrong.

The majority of Americans are aware of ongoing efforts from the Biden admin, but their goals do not align with those of national security.

So the Biden admin is effectively working against the final goal of border security and peace.

According to Abbott, the federal government’s lack of response to the issue is “deafening.”

The so-called “border czar,” Kamala Harris, has never been to the border.

Abbott expresses his desire that they would do so so that they might have “a firsthand look at the chaos [they] have caused,” which he describes as “damning.”

He criticized the Biden policies, claiming they were the primary reason Texas had to employ its constitutional right to self-defense and that they had sparked “an unprecedented crisis of illegal immigration.”

The White House’s response to Abbott’s letter was inadequate.

They asserted that he was merely “vying for political relevance” and that Texas is “using asylum seekers escaping communism and law enforcement officials as political pawns.”

Coming from an administration that claimed its border patrol agents were spanking undocumented immigrants, this is a bold claim.

Americans won’t be duped again because they can see right through the lies.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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