Horrifying new Homeland Security report unveils the real truth of Biden’s border policies

Joe Biden and the Left are adamant that the border crisis is not a big deal. And they continuously refuse to do anything about the problem.

But now, a horrifying new DHS report has unveiled the real truth of Biden’s border policies.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tracking over 600,000 illegal immigrants who have entered the United States with criminal records, according to a recent disclosure.

This information came to light during a congressional hearing led by House National Security, Border, and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Chairman, Rep. Glenn Grothman, on Tuesday.

In his presentation, Rep. Grothman highlighted that among the more than six million illegal immigrants that have crossed into the U.S. since the inauguration of President Joe Biden, approximately 617,000 possess criminal convictions or face pending criminal charges.

Grothman emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “Illegal aliens should not be in the country in the first place and able to commit these crimes.”

He pointed out that data from the Department of Public Safety indicates these individuals are statistically more likely to commit serious offenses such as homicide, s*xual assault, and kidnapping compared to the average resident of Texas.

Grothman proposed straightforward solutions to address these challenges:

“Secure the border, stop releasing illegal aliens into the country in droves, and when an illegal alien commits a crime in the community, turn them over to ICE, enforce the law, and remove them. It’s just that simple.”

The hearing, titled “How the Border Crisis Impacts Public Safety,” also featured testimony from Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, who echoed Grothman’s concerns about the impact of illegal immigration on local communities.

Sheriff Waybourn, representing a jurisdiction in Texas, shed light on the severe drug crisis exacerbated by the influx of illegal substances facilitated by cartels.

He emphasized the role of foreign entities, including Chinese operations, Mexican cartels, and Venezuelan groups, in what he described as an effort to “weaponize” fentanyl against Americans.

Sheriff Waybourn provided alarming statistics about the criminal activities linked to illegal immigrants in Tarrant County.

According to his testimony, there are currently 264 illegal immigrants from at least 15 different countries detained in Tarrant County jails, accused of committing violent crimes.

These charges include eight counts of murder, 38 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, five counts of s*xual assault, and two counts of child p*rnography.

The disclosures from this hearing paint a troubling picture of the challenges posed by unchecked illegal immigration, particularly from a public safety perspective.

The testimonies highlight a systemic issue where the lack of border security and enforcement of existing immigration laws not only undermines the rule of law but also significantly impacts the safety and security of American communities.

These revelations have reignited debates on immigration policies and border security, prompting calls for immediate and effective actions to safeguard U.S. borders and ensure that immigration laws are enforced rigorously.

The focus has particularly sharpened on the need for collaboration between local law enforcement and federal agencies to efficiently identify and deport illegal immigrants who pose a threat to public safety.

As policymakers and the public digest these findings, the pressure mounts on the Biden administration to address these pressing security concerns effectively.

Yet, Biden and the Left refuse to acknowledge the problem and they continue to pass laws and policies that directly put American lives in danger.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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