Hunter Biden public hearing decision has absolutely astounded America

Hunter Biden has been in hot water for a very long time. But things just keep getting worse.

And now, Hunter Biden’s public hearing decision has absolutely astounded America.

As most people will recall, Hunter Biden’s lawyers have been demanding a public hearing for Hunter for months and months.

They demanded that Hunter should be given an opportunity to defend himself and his family in front of the whole world.

And while the House Oversight Committee pushed back at first, they did finally agree to hold a public hearing.

They held a public hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday with past “business” partners of Hunter and Joe Biden.

However, and here is where people’s minds have exploded, Hunter Biden chose not to show up.

After begging and demanding for months to have a public hearing, now Hunter decided not to show up after all? What in the world is going on?

Many people have taken to the internet to express their confusion and exasperation with Hunter.

One US rep took to X to express her disgust:

“I hope Congress will hold Hunter in contempt. Americans deserve to know how Hunter used his father as the “closer.” He couldn’t do anything without the “brand,”” wrote Nancy Mae.

Monica Crowley also expressed her complete confusion with the decision saying, “Hunter Biden’s empty chair at the Oversight & Judiciary hearing on dear old dad’s deep corruption. The whole family is disgusting. We can’t be rid of them fast enough.”

Earlier in the month, Hunter testified behind closed doors after he disobeyed a subpoena.

He also appeared on Capitol Hill in December, gave a furious media statement, and then departed.

Many Americans, and quite frankly people all across the world, are wondering why Hunter and his legal team pushed so hard for a public hearing and then decided not to show up.

Why is Hunter refusing to defend himself in front of the world?

Is it because his arguments are more weak than he had originally hoped?

Or could it possibly be that there is a far deeper secret that he is hoping the American people will not discover?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics to find out more.

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