Hunter Biden’s attempts to run from the law just landed him in hot water

Hunter Biden has been facing the threat of charges for years. And he’s responded in the worst way possible.

And now Hunter Biden’s attempts to run from the law just landed him in hot water.

Hunter Biden’s legal woes continue after his attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the gun charges against him, citing a failed plea deal.

The motion, filed in federal court in Delaware, claims that the indictment “violates” the Diversion Agreement that was reached between Hunter and federal prosecutors in July 2023.

The Diversion Agreement would have allowed Hunter to avoid jail time in exchange for giving up various rights, including his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

However, the agreement fell apart in court when Judge Maryellen Noreika refused to approve it.

She took issue with the fact that she would not have been able to make any changes to the deal, and she wasn’t sure if the deal was even constitutional.

In their motion, Hunter’s attorneys argue that the indictment violates the Diversion Agreement because it charges him with offenses that were covered by the agreement.

They also argue that the statute he is accused of violating was recently struck down as unconstitutional.

Republicans have long criticized the Diversion Agreement, calling it a “sweetheart plea deal.”

They argue that Hunter is receiving preferential treatment because he is the son of the president.

The Department of Justice has not yet responded to Hunter’s motion to dismiss the charges. It is unclear whether the judge will grant the motion.

In addition to the gun charges, Hunter is also facing nine new tax charges.

The indictment does not name President Joe Biden, but it does raise questions about his potential involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.

The House Oversight Committee is investigating Hunter’s business dealings and has authorized subpoenas for documents and testimony.

Hunter is expected to appear for closed-door testimony on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.

Hunter Biden’s legal drama is a complex and evolving situation. It remains to be seen whether he will ultimately be held accountable for his actions.

The indictment against Hunter includes three felony firearm offenses and if convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

The House Oversight Committee is also investigating President Joe Biden’s potential involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.

An impeachment inquiry against President Biden has been formally authorized to uncover the truth.

The Biden family has been fleeing from the law long enough, and now they will be held accountable.

The American people deserve to know just how corrupt the current President and his family are.

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