Ilhan Omar exploded in rage after she was called out by this major Republican

House Democrat Ilhan Omar has been a controversial figure for years now. Her disgusting comments about Israel have put her in a ton of trouble before.

And Ilhan Omar utterly exploded in rage when she was called about by this high profile Republican.

Two of the most extreme leftists in Washington, D.C. are Congressman Adam Schiff of California and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Omar is a prominent member of the anti-police funding movement and has a lengthy history of using anti-Semitic language.

Omar said on Twitter that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee was “all about the Benjamins” and compared both Israel and the US to the Taliban.

By promoting the fictitious Christopher Steele dossier that claimed the previous President was collaborating with Russia, Adam Schiff started the first witch hunt against Trump.

Schiff fabricated a transcript of a conversation between Trump and the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and read it aloud on the floor of the US House as though it actually took place.

Even during the first witch hunt, he was discovered instructing “whistleblower” witnesses during Soviet-style secret sessions held behind closed doors in a basement beneath the Capitol.

However, because Democrats have been in charge of Congress, Schiff and Omar have been spared from being held accountable for their deceit and despicable actions.

But when the new Congress convenes in January and Republicans take control of the Speaker’s Gavel, things will change.

Ilhan Omar and Adam Schiff will be kicked out of their committees, according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures.

“Adam Schiff, who lied to the American public time and again,” McCarthy began, before adding that “we will not allow him to be on the Intel committee either.”

He then addressed Ilhan Omar.

“Look, Congresswoman Omar, her anti-Semitic comments that have gone forward, we’re not going to allow her to be on Foreign Affairs, but we’re also going to stand up to what’s happening not just in the halls of Congress, but what’s happening to our higher education institutions, the antisemitism that’s going on on these campuses and other,” McCarthy declared.

McCarthy is, of course, merely vowing to administer the adage “dose of their own medicine” to Democrats.

According to McCarthy, “the Democrats have created a new thing where they’re picking and choosing who can be on committees,” as he stated in an interview with Breitbart News.

McCarthy was alluding to the way that Democrats decided to kick Republicans off their committees, such Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“Never in the history [of Congress] have you had the majority tell the minority who can be on committee,” McCarthy continued, before adding “but this is the new standard, which these Democrats have voted for.”

Additionally, McCarthy pledged to expel Representative Eric Swalwell from the intelligence community as a result of his extramarital relationship with a Communist Chinese spy.

Democrats aren’t accustomed to being forced to follow their own rules.

But when the GOP takes control of the U.S. House in January, they won’t have a choice.

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