Illegal immigrant issues chilling warning to American citizens

Everyone knows that the border crisis under Joe Biden is at a boiling point. And the security of our nation is in question.

But now, an illegal immigrant has issued a chilling warning to American citizens.

A Turkish man who illegally entered the United States through the southern border has issued a stark warning to Americans about the alarming state of border security under President Joe Biden’s administration.

In an interview with Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, the man expressed his shock at the ease with which he was able to cross into the U.S., emphasizing the potential dangers posed by the lack of proper security measures.

The Turkish man, who paid a Mexican drug cartel $10,000 to smuggle him into the U.S., spoke candidly about his concerns.

“In fact, American people is right, completely true,” he said. “Who comes into this country? They don’t know.”

The man highlighted the serious security risks posed by the current state of the border.

“Okay, I’m good, but how if they’re not good?” he asked, gesturing towards other migrants around him.

“How if they’re k*llers, psychopaths, else? No guarantee of that. Like, no security, no security check, no background check.”

His comments reflect a broader concern among many Americans about the Biden administration’s handling of border security.

Since taking office, President Biden has reversed many of the immigration policies implemented by his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

These changes have been criticized by Americans and border security advocates who point out that they have led to a surge in illegal immigration and compromised national security.

Melugin posted a clip of the interview on X, formerly known as Twitter, where the Turkish man expressed his disbelief at how easy it was to cross the U.S. border with no resistance.

“A Turkish man who crossed into Jacumba, CA illegally w/ a group of other Turkish men told me he paid $10k to a cartel, & expressed shock at how easy it was to cross the U.S. border with no resistance, telling me Americans should be ‘worried’ about security & who is crossing,” Melugin wrote.

The Turkish man’s experience is not an isolated incident. Reports of increased illegal crossings and the involvement of criminal organizations in human smuggling have raised significant concerns.

The Biden administration’s approach to border security has been marked by a more lenient stance on immigration enforcement, which critics argue has led to a rise in illegal crossings and emboldened cartels.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been vocal about the issue, stating, “The Biden administration’s open border policies have turned every state into a border state and every town into a border town.” He added, “This is a crisis of their own making, and it is putting American lives at risk.”

The financial cost of illegal immigration is also a major concern.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers approximately $132 billion annually, a figure that has likely increased with the recent surge in illegal crossings.

These costs include healthcare, education, and law enforcement expenses.

Former President Trump has weighed in on the issue, stating, “Our border is now wide open for anyone to cross, and it is a disaster waiting to happen. We need strong borders to keep our country safe.”

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