Illegal immigrants make shocking comments during Council meeting that has Americans disgusted

The immigration crisis in America has reached a boiling point. And while the Left denies that anything is wrong, the American people know the truth.

And now, illegal immigrants have made shocking comments during a council meeting, and it has left Americans disgusted

The border crisis in the United States has been in the news for years now and things have been escalating ever since Joe Biden took office.

When Donald Trump was President, our nation experienced a time of safe and secure borders, healthy and positive immigration policies, and a mutual respect with bordering nations.

Now under the leadership of Joe Biden and the Left, America’s border security is non-existent, bordering nations think we are a joke, and the immigration crisis is out of hand.

Millions of illegal immigrants have flooded the nation and are putting massive amounts of stress on communities, cities, and states regardless of political standing.

Republican and Democrat citizens alike have been begging the government for some sort of relief, yet Joe Biden and his administration refuse to do anything.

Instead, they make matters more difficult by taking American tax-payer dollars and spending it on illegal immigrants.

While millions of Americans suffer under Joe Biden’s economy to pay bills, buy groceries, afford gas, and face homelessness, people who are in the country illegally are receiving free housing, food, clothes etc.

However, now things have taken a turn that leaves American citizens even more outraged than before.

Recently, African migrants protested about the food they received and being forced to vacate their city accommodations after a predetermined amount of time during a Tuesday city council meeting in New York City.

Speaking through a translator, a mother informed the Committees on Hospitals and Immigration that her kids “cannot eat the food at the shelter.”

She also said that during Ramadan, a time when observers do not eat food until sundown, “we couldn’t eat because when you come back for the breaks the food is no good at all.”

“And they give us two months to stay at the shelter and then you have to go out again with your luggage and your kids and find another place. It’s very difficult,” she continued.

She also bemoaned the lack of education received by her older child, who is 18 or 19 years old.

The topic of discussion during the Tuesday morning meeting was “The Experiences of Black Migrants in New York City.”

At City Hall, more than a thousand people gathered, most of them African single males.

For the hearing, just 250 persons could enter the building.

An activist group allegedly attracted the sizable group to City Hall.

Many claimed to have heard from others in the neighborhood that they might obtain work visas or green cards by showing up.

The Radical Left has created a massive problem that they refuse to address, and now people are seeing the effects of their disastrous policies.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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