Joe Biden and the Radical Left hide in terror after Senator Kennedy’s recent comments

The current administration is corrupt and does not have America’s best interests at heart. But now, things have escalated.

And Joe Biden and the Left are hiding in terror after Senator Kennedy’s recent comments.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) recently criticized President Joe Biden for his perceived inaction regarding the pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University, suggesting the President is avoiding confronting the issue due to fears of alienating a faction within his own party.

Kennedy dubbed this faction the “Hamas wing of the Democratic Party,” indicating a radical segment whose views are influencing Biden’s decisions.

During a pointed address, Kennedy accused President Biden of deliberately choosing not to intervene in the disturbances at Columbia, despite having the influence to urge university leaders to quell the unrest.

Kennedy’s remarks come amid escalating tensions at Columbia, where protests have led to significant disruptions, including the cancellation of the university’s main commencement ceremony due to safety concerns.

“President Biden is scared to death to alienate the Hamas-wing of the Democratic Party,” Kennedy stated, implying that the President’s actions were being swayed by a minority within his party that sympathizes with pro-Hamas sentiments.

Kennedy highlighted recent polling data indicating a decline in public support for Biden, suggesting that the President’s reluctance to act decisively is tied to an awareness of his waning popularity.

“He has read that new CNN poll that just came out that said that 52% of likely voters… will never under any circumstances on God’s good green Earth vote for Joe Biden,” Kennedy elaborated.

Kennedy’s critique extended to what he described as a “rule by mob” mentality, condemning the violent aspects of the protests and what he perceives as a broader tolerance within the Democratic Party for extremist actions, provided they align with certain ideological perspectives.

“You should call it for what it is: rule by mob,” Kennedy argued, denouncing the protesters’ actions and the ideological underpinnings he believes they represent, including what he sarcastically referred to as a “belief in diversity, equity, inclusion, and the right to kill Jews.”

The unrest at Columbia University has drawn considerable attention, not just from politicians like Kennedy, but also from law enforcement and the community.

The situation escalated to the point where the university president, Minouche Shafik, felt compelled to request an ongoing NYPD presence on campus to prevent further disruptions and ensure safety for all students and staff.

This decision underscores the severity of the situation and the challenges faced by the university administration in restoring order.

Adding to the controversy, former President Donald Trump also weighed in on Biden’s handling of the situation, citing a report from Politico which showed that some of the major financial backers of the protests are also significant donors to Biden’s reelection campaign.

This suggests a complex web of political and financial interests influencing the administration’s response to the protests, further complicating the public’s perception of Biden’s leadership.

Senator Kennedy’s remarks reflect a growing frustration among Republicans and others who view the administration’s response to the Columbia protests as inadequate and overly cautious.

Many argue that Biden’s hesitance to confront the protestors more aggressively is indicative of a broader issue within the Democratic Party, where radical elements are perceived to have undue influence over policy and decision-making.

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