Joe Biden just got utterly destroyed by a former ally asking him this one question

Democrats don’t like it when you corner them on the issues. That’s why they always weasel out of it by lobbing insane accusations against their opponents.

But Joe Biden has nowhere to run after being utterly destroyed by a former ally asking him this one critical question.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), who announced that she was quitting the Democratic Party to join the Independent Party, stunned the political community.

Because he refused to end the Senate filibuster and obstructed some of President Joe Biden’s more extreme tax and spending proposals, the Arizona senator was a thorn in the side of the party’s extreme left.

However, she ultimately voted against every significant piece of the Biden platform.

A newly independent Sinema attacked Joe Biden for declining to travel to the border.

She claimed in an interview that “anyone who is responsible for setting or making policy” should not have a problem with it.

Biden rejected the notion of traveling to the border earlier this month when on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, to promote a manufacturing site and his economic agenda.

“Why go to a border state and not visit the border?” Peter Doocy, a White House journalist for Fox News, enquired.

Biden answered, “Because there are more significant things happening.

The distance between Phoenix and the Mexican border is around 100 miles.

Biden hasn’t visited the border throughout his Presidency despite the largest border crisis in the nation’s history being in progress.

One of the states most severely affected by the problem is Arizona as a stream of illegal immigrants and dangerous drugs, like fentanyl produced in China, pour through the porous border.

Sinema challenged Biden to travel to the border to witness firsthand the turmoil that was happening while he was in charge.

“I absolutely think the President should visit the border. In fact, I think anyone who is responsible for setting or making policy on the border should visit the border,” Sinema noted.

“I mean, that’s, that’s a no brainer, right?”

While she is meant to be in charge of protecting the border, Vice President Kamala Harris, who is acting as Biden’s “Border Czar,” has similarly avoided traveling to the area.

Sinema claimed that the border had nothing to do with her choice to quit the Democratic Party, but claimed that “this administration has not done its duty on the border.”

A bipartisan group of senators will travel to the border thanks to Sinema’s organization, “because a crisis this big cannot be ignored.”

The criticism of Joe Biden’s poor handling of the border problem is growing every day, and it may be his undoing.

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