Joe Biden shoots his own campaign in the foot with recent admission

Joe Biden is incompetent and delirious. But now he has resorted to destroying his own White House chances.

And Joe Biden has shot his own campaign in the foot with this recent admission.

In a strange display of self-delusion, President Biden has claimed that “50 Democrats” could defeat former President Trump in the 2024 election.

This comes just one day after Biden admitted he might not even run if Trump wasn’t on the ballot, raising serious questions about his mental stability as well as the Democrat’s reasoning for propping him up.

Biden’s statement is not only detached from reality, but also contradicts his own past assertions.

During the 2020 campaign, he cast himself as the sole Democrat capable of beating Trump “like a drum.”

Now, he seems to have forgotten his own narrative, conveniently overlooking the concerns surrounding his age, mental acuity, and low approval ratings.

The stark contrast between Biden’s public pronouncements and his private doubts is becoming increasingly clear.

It suggests a lack of mental stability and competence.

Moreover, Biden’s claim that “50 Democrats” could beat Trump is demonstrably false.

Polling consistently shows Trump dominating the 2024 race, with Biden himself facing potential significant challenges from Governor Gavin Newsom and other potential contenders.

Biden’s comment also exposes the deep divisions within the Democratic Party.

While he claims there are “50” potential saviors, the reality is that the party is struggling to find a coherent message and a candidate who can inspire voters.

The Democratic field is a chaotic mix of long-shot candidates, faded stars, and political novices.

None of them have managed to capture the imagination of the American people or present a clear alternative to Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump remains the dominant figure in Republican politics. He enjoys strong support among his base and continues to wield significant influence over the party.

His potential legal troubles and the constant illegal attacks from the Radical Left might hinder his campaign, but he remains the strongest candidate to save America.

In conclusion, Biden’s recent remarks are nothing more than political posturing.

He is desperately trying to project an image of confidence and electability, despite growing doubts about his own future.

The American people deserve a leader who is honest, decisive, and capable of navigating the complex challenges facing the nation and Biden is not that leader.

The 2024 election is likely to be a closely contested battle between two very different visions for America.

It is up to the voters to decide which leader they believe is best suited to guide the country through the years ahead.

Do Americans want to suffer another four years of pain, suffering, war, terrible economy, open borders, etc, or do we want America to be saved and returned to the once amazing country it was?

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