Joe Biden wasn’t prepared for what Ron DeSantis just did to him

Biden has taken a beating lately. His radical agenda is falling apart at the seams, and he’s desperately trying to piece it back together.

But Joe Biden wasn’t prepared for what Ron DeSantis just did to him.

With the November elections less than two months away, Joe Biden is pulling out all the stops.

He’s declared the COVID pandemic over (even though nothing has changed from a month ago), he’s draining millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to artificially push gas prices down, and he’s dismissing concerns over 8.3% inflation.

In short, Biden is running out of options to tilt the scales in the Democrats’ favor, and he knows it.

That’s probably why he refused to answer if he was planning on running for re-election in 2024 during his recent 60 Minutes interview.

Biden’s failures have made it all too easy for conservatives to point out his incompetency and rock what little confidence any Americans had left in his ability to lead.

One of the most vocal has been Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. After proving his conservative chops through his no-nonsense governing of Florida, DeSantis has shot to stardom.

And now he’s taking aim at Joe Biden and his political pals in office yet again.

While at a rally in Wisconsin, DeSantis called out Biden for crippling the economy.

“[W]e’re staring down the barrel of a lot of really significant turbulence thanks to Joe Biden,” DeSantis said. “You know, they’ve had the inflation, which has been a total disaster. They’re raising interest rates. They’re slowing down the economy. You know, you apply for a mortgage a year ago, what was it like, two point six percent, two point five? Now it’s like over six percent. That’s a massive increase. Very difficult for working people to be able to afford such a stiff increase.”

DeSantis went on to slam Biden for blowing trillions of dollars on programs that even Democrats were wary of.

“So if you look what Biden has done, he comes into office, and what does he do? He goes on this massive spending and borrowing and printing spree, trillions and trillions of dollars,” DeSantis said.

“And he was warned by people that worked for Obama and worked for Bill Clinton that if you do this, you are going to spark a major inflation. And not only was he hell-bent on doing that, he also attacked American energy production. So you’re inflating the currency, and you’re cutting down on production. Of course, you’re going to get inflation. This was something that was very obvious and that’s had a devastating impact on people all across this country.”

Governor DeSantis also gave out a word of advice to anyone looking to get into politics: “But I’ll tell you, my rule of thumb on budget and economy is just really study what Biden’s doing and then do the opposite.”

This is just another example of why Ron DeSantis is one of the frontrunners for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

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