Joe Biden’s shocking new policy is a complete gift to China

The Radical Left seems married to China in ways that should concern every American. But now things are going too far.

And Joe Biden’s shocking new policy is a complete gift to China.

Amidst a record surge in illegal border crossings, concerns have surfaced about the Biden administration’s seemingly relaxed vetting procedures for migrants from China.

Internal emails obtained by the Daily Caller reveal a significantly reduced interview process for apprehended Chinese individuals, raising questions about national security risks and potential vulnerabilities.

According to the emails, sent in April 2023 to roughly 500 Border Patrol agents, the number of interview questions for Chinese migrants was slashed from 40 to a mere five.

This streamlined approach purportedly aims to expedite processing, but critics fear it weakens security protocols and facilitates the entry of potentially dangerous individuals.

The email details the five remaining questions, focusing on basic biographical information like military service, education, place of birth, employment, and political affiliation.

If all answers are negative, migrants can proceed through the current processing pathway without further delay.

Former law enforcement officials familiar with the matter expressed serious concerns about the implications of this policy change.

One source told the Daily Caller that smugglers quickly adapted, coaching Chinese migrants on how to navigate the shortened questioning.

This raises crucial concerns about the effectiveness of the remaining vetting measures.

“This policy change has accelerated the time it takes to process Chinese illegal immigrants,” asserted retired CBP deputy JJ Carrell, “but it doesn’t make America safer.”

Carrell emphasized the difficulty of discerning “bad actors” amidst a streamlined process, potentially leaving dangerous individuals undetected.

He further highlighted the significant time invested in vetting Chinese individuals during his tenure.

Carrell elaborated on running migrants through comprehensive databases and deportation protocols that ensured thorough vetting and secure repatriation.

The stark contrast between these past procedures and the current five-question system fuels apprehension among security experts.

The controversy comes amidst a broader surge in illegal border crossings.

December 2023 alone saw over 300,000 encounters between migrants and Border Patrol, placing immense strain on an already burdened system.

While streamlining processes may hold some appeal, prioritizing national security should remain paramount.

The Biden administration has yet to offer an official response to the leaked emails or the concerns raised by security experts.

This lack of transparency further intensifies doubts about the revamped vetting process and its potential impact on national security.

As the debate unfolds, it is crucial to prioritize comprehensive vetting procedures that safeguard the nation without compromising due process or compassion.

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