Karine Jean-Pierre’s latest moronic statement could end her career

When it comes to Press Secretaries, Jean-Pierre is one of the worst. She can’t stop putting her foot in her mouth.

And Karine Jean-Pierre’s latest moronic statement could end her career.

Democrats have built their entire agenda on a sordid web of lies.

In their eyes, we should treat illegal immigrants than the poor of our nation. We should send billions to Ukraine while US towns burn down.

In short, not giving a rip about Americans is their MO, and they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

This week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that House Republicans’ attempts to secure the southern border in exchange for them approving funding for Ukraine were a political stunt.

During the White House press conference on Monday, a reporter asked Jean-Pierre about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) statement that “he wants any additional funds for Ukraine tied to congressional action on border security.”

“Is that something that the White House would consider supporting for a vote on Ukraine funding?” the reporter asked.

Americans, according to Jean-Pierre, are “fed up” with the “political games” and “political stunts that House Republicans are doing on our national security and also our government.”

She claimed that President Joe Biden “has delivered record funding” for Border Patrol and then demonized what she said were “extreme House Republicans.”


Later in the press conference, Jean-Pierre was asked if Biden agreed with New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s remarks that the border was “too open right now.”

“The President, on his own, without the help of Republicans in Congress — let’s not forget, he put forward a comprehensive piece of legislation to deal with immigration reform,” she claimed.

“Remember, this — this immigration system has been broken for decades. And it’s been three years. That’s been almost three years since he put forth that piece of legislation.”

She claimed that the administration has implemented “deterrence” measures to discourage people from entering the country illegally.

After she did not answer the question the first time, the reporter pushed back and asked Jean-Pierre if Biden believes the border is closed.

Jean-Pierre declined to answer the question once more, claiming that Republicans were “trying to politicize it and make it worse — make it worse.”

“That’s what Republicans are trying to do and turn it into a political stunt,” she claimed.

“The President is actually dealing with the issue that’s in front of him by getting record funding, 25,000 federal agents at the border. That is something that this President has been able to do.”

If only his agents weren’t doing everything in their power to let illegal immigrants in the country.

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