Karine Jean Pierre’s massive mistake at a press conference sent Biden into rage

The White House is doing their best to cover up their lies. But sometimes, they accidentally slip up.

And now, Karine Jean Pierre’s massive mistake at a press conference sent Biden into rage.

The stench of hypocrisy hangs heavy over the border crisis, wafted in by President Biden’s latest flip-flop on border security.

Just weeks after defending the open borders policies he inherited from his predecessor, Biden has now floated the possibility of “shutting down the border” if a bipartisan deal is reached.

This sudden change of tune begs the question: is Biden’s version of border security kosher, while President Trump’s was deemed “racist” and “xenophobic”?

Let’s rewind to 2019.

When President Trump proposed similar measures, the chorus of condemnation from the left was deafening.

Accusations of racism and xenophobia echoed across the media landscape, with pundits tripping over themselves to denounce Trump’s “cruel” and “inhumane” border policies.

Terms like “wall-builder” and “Muslim ban” were brandished like scarlet letters, weaponized in an effort to paint Trump as a heartless bigot.

Fast forward to today, and the script has flipped.

Biden, uttering almost identical language, is praised for his “pragmatic” approach to the border crisis.

His proposed “shutdown” is met with cautious optimism, not scornful denunciation.

The once-toxic labels of “racist” and “xenophobe” seem to have vanished into thin air, replaced by murmurs of “bipartisanship” and “compromise.”

This blatant double standard exposes the left’s selective outrage and their cynical manipulation of language.

When a Republican advocates for border security, it’s branded as bigotry.

When a Democrat does the same, it’s suddenly statesmanship.

This political opportunism undermines any genuine conversation about securing our borders and protecting our citizens.

But let’s delve deeper than mere rhetorical hypocrisy.

Biden’s proposed “shutdown” remains shrouded in mystery.

The much-touted bipartisan deal exists only in nebulous whispers, its details hidden from public scrutiny.

How is this different from Trump’s proposals, which were also subject to intense criticism for lacking transparency?

It appears the selective amnesia plaguing the left extends to matters of accountability and due process.

The truth is, that the issue of border security transcends partisan squabbles and media narratives.

It’s about protecting our national sovereignty, ensuring the safety of our citizens, and upholding the rule of law.

These are not partisan considerations; they are fundamental American values that should not be bartered on the altar of political expediency.

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