Liberal media article details terrifying White House secrets that have left Americans horrified

The Radical Left will do everything they can to cover for Biden. But some within their own supporters are turning on Biden.

And now, a liberal media article has detailed terrifying White House secrets that have left Americans horrified.

In a recent article, the Associated Press (AP) sparked widespread backlash by describing President Joe Biden, 81, as “often sharp and focused” but also “confused and forgetful.” This portrayal, published on July 3, 2024, came on the heels of Biden’s notably poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump, igniting a firestorm of criticism and mockery online.

The article, co-authored by five AP reporters, attempted to present a balanced view of Biden’s mental acuity. However, the dichotomy in their portrayal — highlighting moments of clarity alongside episodes of confusion — drew scorn from various quarters.

The title alone was enough to elicit a wave of reactions, with many questioning the journalistic integrity and intentions behind such a seemingly contradictory description.

The report did not sit well with many readers and commentators. The Editor-in-Chief of The Post Millennial shared a screenshot of the article, simply remarking, “It’s real,” capturing the incredulity felt by many.

Kyle Mann, editor at the satirical site The Babylon Bee, expressed his frustration humorously, tweeting, “How are we at The Babylon Bee supposed to compete with AP?”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also chimed in, tweeting, “The AP is really doing this…”

The AP piece delved into Biden’s behavior behind closed doors, drawing on sources close to the president.

It noted that while Biden can be sharp and focused, he also experiences periods where his thoughts are jumbled, particularly in the evenings. The article highlighted instances of Biden trailing off mid-sentence, forgetting names, and moving slowly, all of which have fueled ongoing concerns about his cognitive fitness for office.

Despite these concerns, the AP article suggested that such lapses might not be uncommon for someone of Biden’s age.

However, it also acknowledged that these issues have taken on new significance following his recent debate missteps, which appear to have adversely affected his poll numbers.

The timing of the article — shortly after Biden’s disastrous debate performance — suggests an attempt to address growing public and political scrutiny.

Biden’s allies worry that further missteps could resurrect voter concerns about his fitness for office, concerns that have been amplified by misleading online videos and clips taken out of context.

For instance, one viral clip showed Biden standing still during a White House Juneteenth event, leading to speculation that he had “frozen.” However, Philonise Floyd, who was with Biden at the time, claimed that the president was simply enjoying the music and chatting casually​.

White House aides and officials have defended Biden’s capabilities, emphasizing his command over both domestic and foreign policy issues. Brett McGurk, a senior National Security Council official, praised Biden’s preparation and decision-making in high-stakes situations. Neera Tanden, a domestic policy adviser, also highlighted Biden’s engagement and thoroughness in policy discussions​​.

Despite these defenses, there remains frustration among some Democrats over Biden’s decision to remain in the race, particularly after his debate performance.

Critics within the party feel that addressing these concerns earlier might have alleviated some of the current pressures and skepticism​​.

As Biden continues his campaign, the scrutiny of his cognitive health is likely to remain a contentious issue, influencing public opinion and political discourse.

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