Major Democrat donor turns back on party and viciously attacks Jill Biden

The Democrat party is majorly suffering because of Joe Biden. And more and more supporters are turning away.

And a major Democrat donor has turned his back on the party and viciously attacked Jill Biden.

Billionaire Bill Ackman, known for his substantial donations to Democratic figures such as former President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, recently criticized First Lady Jill Biden for her steadfast defense of President Joe Biden’s decision to run for re-election despite growing concerns about his mental fitness.

In the aftermath of President Biden’s disastrous performance at the debate with former President Donald Trump, there has been a significant uproar within Democratic circles, with many calling for Biden to step aside.

However, Jill Biden has remained unwavering in her support for her husband, firmly stating that the Biden family will not let a poor debate performance overshadow four years of presidency. “We will continue to fight,” she told Vogue in a phone interview.

Ackman took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice his concerns, suggesting that President Biden may no longer possess the mental acuity necessary to make such critical decisions.

He placed the blame squarely on Jill Biden, accusing her of prioritizing her own status and the perks of being First Lady over the well-being of her husband and the country.

Ackman’s post on X was scathing. He wrote:

“I no longer blame @POTUS Biden for not stepping aside. He no longer has the mental acuity to make important judgments about himself. It is becoming increasingly clear however that the fault lies with @FLOTUS Jill Biden.”

Ackman accused Jill Biden of enjoying the benefits of her role to the detriment of her husband’s health. He argued that the stress of maintaining the presidency is exacerbating any existing neurological issues Joe Biden might have.

Ackman cited instances where Jill Biden appeared to treat her husband in a manner akin to managing an elderly relative, noting how she praises him for basic functions and manages his public appearances.

Ackman questioned Jill Biden’s motivations, suggesting that she enjoys the power and control that come with her position. He implied that her circle of friends and advisors might be enabling this behavior, fearing loss of access and influence.

“Her power has clearly grown as he gets weaker. And she likes the feeling of power. She speaks for the president when he can’t or when he is napping. She tells his team and staff when he is available, and when he is not. She likes being in control.”

Ackman further speculated that many decisions ostensibly made by the President could actually be Jill Biden’s doing, raising concerns about who is truly in charge.

Ackman warned that Jill Biden’s actions could tarnish not only Joe Biden’s legacy but her own as well.

He expressed alarm at the potential risk to national security and the stability of a world in turmoil, should the President’s cognitive decline impact his decision-making abilities.

“Jill Biden is destroying her own legacy along with the president’s. The whole thing would just be a tragedy for the Biden family if it didn’t put the country at greater risk in a world in turmoil.”

In a final pointed remark, Ackman suggested that Jill Biden might not fully grasp the gravity of her marriage vows: “Perhaps she didn’t understand what ‘in sickness and in health’ meant.”

Ackman’s comments reflect a growing unease within both political circles and the general public regarding President Biden’s capacity to lead the nation effectively. His criticisms are part of a broader discourse questioning the integrity of those surrounding the President and the potential consequences of a leadership perceived as faltering.

In contrast, White House officials have dismissed these concerns, reiterating confidence in President Biden’s abilities. Yet, Ackman’s remarks underscore a significant divide in perception, one that could influence voter sentiment as the 2024 election approaches.

From an American viewpoint, Ackman’s critique highlights the perceived fragility of Biden’s administration and the alleged manipulations by those close to him.

It underscores a narrative that positions the Biden presidency as one propped up by those who benefit from its continuation, rather than one driven by the President’s own competencies and vision.

Republicans are likely to leverage these criticisms to galvanize their base, framing the upcoming election as a critical juncture to restore competent and transparent leadership.

They argue that the current administration’s actions, from domestic policies to handling international relations, have often seemed disjointed and reactive, suggesting a need for decisive and robust leadership.

As the 2024 election draws nearer, such narratives will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the political landscape, potentially swaying undecided voters and reinforcing the resolve of the conservative electorate.

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