Massive army of Patriots moving towards southern border to defend America

Joe Biden’s border crisis has hit a boiling point. Now, Americans are taking matters into their own hands.

Because a massive army of Patriots is moving towards the southern border to ensure Biden doesn’t destroy America.

The simmering crisis at the southern border is boiling over, with a trucker convoy dubbed the “Army of God” gearing up to head south in solidarity with Texas’s bold invocation of the invasion clause.

This unprecedented move throws down the gauntlet against the Biden administration’s disastrous open-border policies, and the American people are watching with a mix of fear and hope.

The “Take Back Our Border” convoy, set to begin on January 29th, isn’t just a rumble of engines; it’s a roar of frustration.

Over 6 million illegal immigrants have flooded the nation since Biden took office, overwhelming communities and straining resources.

Yet, the mainstream media, blinded by ideology, remains curiously silent.

Enter the truckers, everyday Americans ready to shine a spotlight on this national emergency.

“This is a peaceful assembly,” Dr. Pete Chambers, a retired Lt. Colonel and convoy leader, declared to Tucker Carlson. “This is how we shed light to a subject. This shedding of light will result in exposing what an open border policy really looks like.”

His words pierce through the deafening silence of the left, demanding attention for a crisis ignored for too long.

Texas, under the resolute leadership of Governor Greg Abbott, is leading the charge.

After the Supreme Court’s temporary siding with the Biden administration, Abbott made a historic, if controversial, decision: invoking the invasion clause of the Constitution.

This bold move empowers Texas to take matters into its own hands, sending a powerful message to both Washington and the world: Texas will not be overrun.

And Texas isn’t alone. The “Army of God” will crisscross the border, stopping at Eagle Pass, Yuma, and San Ysidro – hotspots where the fabric of our nation unravels every day. Congressman Keith Self (R-TX) echoes the sentiment of countless Americans: “The time is NOW to take action and secure our borders!”

But the fight extends beyond protests and political maneuvers.

Texas has deployed its National Guard, standing firm against potential federal overreach.

Republican governors across 25 states, recognizing the gravity of the situation, have voiced their support.

The line in the sand is drawn, and the American people are watching with bated breath.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick speaks for millions when he says, “Texas has a right to protect our people.”

This isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a matter of national security, of safeguarding the very fabric of our society.

The “Army of God,” the National Guard, and the courageous leadership of Texas are not merely symbols; they are the vanguard, pushing back against an existential threat.

The border crisis isn’t an abstraction; it’s real families, real communities bearing the brunt of the Biden administration’s failed policies.

The “Take Back Our Border” convoy is more than just trucks and honking horns; it’s a desperate plea for order, for security, for the very soul of America.

Whether the federal government heeds the call or attempts to crush this dissent remains to be seen.

But one thing is certain: the American people are watching, and the fight for our borders has just begun.

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