Mayorkas flat-out lies on National TV and people couldn’t be more outraged

Mayorkas has completely failed his job as DHS secretary. And now he is making things even worse.

Because Mayorkas flat-out lies on National TV and people couldn’t be more outraged.

In a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas addressed concerns regarding a report that DHS identified over 400 migrants affiliated with an ISIS-linked human smuggling network.

Mayorkas asserted that there is no evidence suggesting these individuals pose a threat to the United States. He claimed that there are rigorous screening and vetting processes in place to ensure national security.

However, co-host Mika Brzezinski raised two critical issues that everyone was thinking.

First, she referenced NBC News reporting on the 400 migrants from Central Asia and elsewhere, suggesting potential ISIS affiliations.

Second, she highlighted ongoing issues with the administration releasing illegal crossers into the U.S. while they pursue asylum claims, a practice that isn’t effective in controlling illegal immigration.

Mayorkas responded by refuting the notion that the identified migrants were plotting harm, underscoring the priority of American safety.

“The safety and security of the American people [is] our highest priority,” Mayorkas stated.

He detailed the DHS’s protocols, including taking enforcement action when derogatory information is found.

However, these claims come during a time in which there has been a significant spike in illegal immigrants murdering US citizens, so most Americans are not comforted by the empty promises of Mayorkas and the Left.

Regarding the release of illegal crossers, Mayorkas claimed a significant reduction in numbers since President Biden’s proclamation.

He acknowledged the limitations in detention capacity, a longstanding issue predating the current administration, necessitating the release of individuals into immigration enforcement proceedings. These individuals are monitored through Alternatives to Detention programs.

Mayorkas reiterated the necessity for congressional action to reform the immigration system, which he described as fundamentally broken, yet the Radical Left refuses to do anything about it.

He stressed that bipartisan agreement exists on the need for reform, yet it remains unfixed since 1996.

The American perspective sharply criticizes the Biden administration’s handling of immigration. Critics argue that the administration’s policies and lack of strict enforcement contribute to national security risks and undermine the integrity of the immigration system.

They claim that the current administration’s approach is overly lenient, allowing potential threats to enter the country under the guise of asylum.

The report on migrants linked to ISIS has fueled conservative concerns about the administration’s competence in safeguarding the nation.

They argue that the screening and vetting processes, despite Mayorkas’s assurances, are insufficient to mitigate the risks posed by such individuals.

Additionally, the ongoing practice of releasing illegal crossers while they pursue asylum claims is seen by many conservatives as a loophole that exacerbates the border crisis.

They advocate for stricter enforcement measures and increased detention capacity to prevent illegal immigrants from disappearing into the country and to ensure that those with legitimate asylum claims are processed efficiently.

Mayorkas’s call for congressional reform aligns with a broader push for comprehensive immigration reform.

However, many Americans emphasize that such reform should prioritize border security, the rule of law, and the interests of American citizens.

They argue that without these priorities, any reform effort will fail to address the root causes of the immigration crisis and will continue to place the nation at risk.

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