Mitt Romney makes a shocking White House claim that leaves everyone shocked

Mitt Romney is unhinged and a dangerous liability to the Republican party. His recent comments have been extreme.

And now Mitt Romney has made a shocking White House claim that has left everyone shocked.

Mitt Romney has made a number of shocking statements in recent days, sometimes even going so far as to speak out against his own party.

He has recently been speaking out against Trump and saying shocking things about the former President.

In a recent interview, Romney said he would be “happy to vote for a number of the Democrats too,” saying they would “be an upgrade from, in my opinion, from Donald Trump, and perhaps also from Joe Biden.”

However, his recent White House remarks have left everyone surprised… even Republicans.

In a scathing rebuke, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) slammed Hunter Biden for leveraging his father’s name for personal gain and potentially evading taxes.

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Romney responded to Hunter Biden’s lawyer’s claim that the charges wouldn’t exist if his last name wasn’t Biden.

Romney’s response was strong: “If his name were anything other than Biden, he wouldn’t have been able to bilk millions of dollars from foreign entities, so let’s start there.”

He went further, stating, “And not only did he take all this money from foreign entities, trading on his father’s name, which is ugly and unsavory, he then didn’t pay taxes on it, according to the prosecutors.”

Romney emphasized that while he hasn’t seen evidence of President Biden committing any wrongdoing, Hunter Biden’s actions are concerning.

He described Hunter as “a very unsavory person” with “extremely damaged personal foibles.”

It seems surprising that Mitt Romney would speak out so strongly against Joe Biden’s son, especially after he said that he really “liked” Joe Biden, and claimed he was a “very charming and engaging person.”

Romney acknowledged the difference between personal and professional accountability, stating, “We’re not going to impeach someone because of the sins of their kids.”

However, he made it clear that Hunter Biden’s actions deserve serious consequences: “If the prosecutors can prove their case, he violated U.S. law and should be severely punished for having done so.”

Romney’s comments come amidst escalating concerns about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and potential influence on his father’s policies.

The nine new tax charges against him further fuel suspicions and raise questions about transparency and accountability within the Biden administration.

While Romney emphasizes the distinction between individual and familial responsibility, his strong criticism of Hunter Biden’s actions and the potential legal ramifications underscore the seriousness of the situation.

Many people on both sides of the political spectrum have been shocked by Mitt Romney’s recent political statements.

It has become increasingly clear that Mitt Romney is simply saying whatever will make people like him the most.

He is not aligned with either political party and has become an outcast, yet he is now trying to recover by saying whatever he thinks people want to hear.

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