New Biden report unveils disgusting truth about Radical Left’s anti-America agenda

It is no secret that the Radical Left in this country hates America. But, even though they don’t try to hide it, their agenda is still terrifying.

And a new Biden report has unveiled the disgusting truth about the Radical Left’s anti-America agenda.

One of Joe Biden’s campaign emphases this cycle has been his job growth.

Joe Biden and his campaign team have tried so hard to convince the American people that the economy has thrived under Joe Biden.

And one of their biggest talking points is that they always point to the job growth since he has been President.

However, new details have emerged that prove Joe Biden has done nothing for this country or any of its legal citizens.

A new report titled, “All Employment Growth Has Gone to Immigrants, Compared to 2019” by Steven Camarota, has shown that all of Joe Biden’s extra jobs (above the 2019 level) have all been for migrants.

Camarota said, “The number of U.S.-born Americans working [has grown yet] has still not returned to the 2019 pre-Covid level.”

The data does not show that American job seekers are being pushed aside in favor of illegal immigrants.

However, it does show that “the share of working Americans remains below 2019 rates.”

It also shows what we all knew: Joe Biden has made it easier for CEOs and managers to hire illegal immigrants instead of American citizens.

Camarota told Breitbart News that, “There are roughly five million working-age American men who could be hired for the extra jobs in the economy.”

However, employers are choosing not to hire them.

In his report, Camarota said, “Labor force participation among non-college-educated U.S.-born men has not even returned to the 2019 level, which itself was very low by historical standards.”

The report said, “The labor force participation rate of U.S.-born men without a bachelor’s (18 to 64) has still not returned to the 76.3 percent it was in the fourth quarter of 2019, which was lower than the 80.5 percent in 2006 and the 82.6 percent in 2000.”

Joe Biden and his administration have welcomed millions of illegal aliens at the southern border and have offered them government handouts and jobs.

While millions of legal Americans are suffering under the oppressive regime of Joe Biden, illegal immigrants are taking jobs that American citizens should have.

Numerous leaders and politicians (including many Democrats) acknowledge the need for workers, but the Radical Left continued to prioritize illegal immigrants.

Senat Chuck Schumer said, “Now, more than ever, we’re short of workers.”

One report released by the Congressional Budget Office also emphasized the issues and problems in the economy Joe Biden has caused.

It said, “[migration] increase in population will put downward pressure on average real wages [emphasis added].”

It continued by saying, “Average real wages are expected to be slightly lower by 2034 [emphasis added] than they would be otherwise.”

The situation is dire and America needs a leader who will prioritize the people instead of illegal foreigners.

We must vote in politicians and leaders who will help make America great like it once was and save the economy.

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