New Democrat hypocrisy has been exposed, and people can’t believe what they’re hearing

Democrats hate America, yet they demand to be politicians. They hate Americans yet pretend to serve us.

But now, new Democrat hypocrisy has been exposed and people cannot believe it.

On Monday, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R) appeared on Fox News channel’s “Hannity” program to discuss the recently released report by the special counsel investigating President Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Senator Hawley raised concerns about the apparent contradiction between the findings of the investigation and the President’s ability to hold office.

The special counsel’s report concluded that while President Biden did “willfully retain and disclose classified materials,” there was insufficient evidence to prove criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt, leading to no criminal charges being filed.

However, the report also noted concerns about the mishandling of classified documents and questioned the President’s memory regarding certain key events.

Senator Hawley argued that these two findings present a seemingly contradictory situation.

“It can’t be that Joe Biden is simultaneously not capable of standing trial and still be President of the United States,” he stated.

He called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to make a decision:

Either pursue charges against the President, invoke the 25th Amendment for removal, or explain the reasoning behind not taking either action.

The Senator further elaborated on his concerns by citing instances where the President’s memory was described as unreliable in the report.

“I mean, what it says is the guy can’t remember when he was vice president,” said Hawley.

“Think about that, years as vice president, he can’t remember it. He can’t remember when his own son died.”

He continued, “He can’t remember key questions about the Afghanistan debate when he was VP.”

He argued that these instances raise questions about the President’s fitness for office, suggesting that someone with potential cognitive issues cannot effectively manage the demanding role.

He stated, “He clearly is not in charge of his mental faculty, so much so they can’t charge him with a crime, which means he cannot be president of the United States any longer.”

The reality of the situation is chilling:

Democrats point out that Joe Biden cannot be charged because he is a forgetful old man, yet they refuse to acknowledge that he is not fit to be President.

The hypocrisy is outrageous.

As Hawley put it, how can Biden be too incompetent to criminally charge, yet Democrats trust him as their President?

The situation in America is dire and we must fight back to preserve this great nation.

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