New Democratic trick could end Trump’s run

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to halt Trump. In their desperation, they have unleashed their biggest weapon.

And this new trick could end Trump’s presidential run.

Democrats have been doing everything they can to end Trump’s bid for president in 2024.

They are scared because they know he is better for America, and that voters want him back in office.

They have been trying everything they can including weaponizing the justice department in an attempt to lock up Trump.

But during every attempt, Trump has never given up, and surprisingly his support is actually increasing.

It seems clear that unless something tragic happens to the former president, that he will take office again in 2024.

However, Democrats have now tried something even more extreme to halt Trump’s progress.

They are attempting to weaponize the Constitution.

It is ironic since the Democrat party seems to have no care for the Constitution, but now they are trying to use it against Trump.

Democrat leader have cited the 14th Amendment as an attempt to prevent Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballot.

Trump is fighting back and has claimed that “almost all legal scholars” agree that there is no “legal basis or standing” for this attempt.

“Like Election Interference, it is just another “trick” being using by the Radical Left Communists, Marxists, and Fascists,” Trump said in a recent post on Truth Social.

He added that the Democrats are trying to “steal an Election” from him.

The attempt to use the 14th Amendment has received a lot of traction, especially since Trump’s four legal cases.

What is interesting, is that Trump is facing legal charges for essentially election interference, yet the Democrats are so hypocritical that they are attempting to do the very thing they are trying to prosecute Trump for: interfering in an election.

Democrats are clearly terrified and are willing to use any means necessary to stop Trump from taking office again.

Many on the left believed that Trump would go down easier, however, he is putting up quite the fight and thwarting all attempts by the left to stop his progress.

After his mugshot was leaked, the Trump team raised millions in support, and his approval soared.

Americans are sick of Joe Biden and the Democrats ruining their lives and making it impossible to live.

It is time to vote out these political goons who have such little care for the country that they are tasked with serving and leading.

Many Americans believe that is time to “Make America Great Again.”

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