New discovery in Stormy Daniels case could completely change the outcome

The Radical Left will use anything they can to prosecute Trump even if it is bogus. But now something is happening that has Democrats worried.

Because a new discovery in the Stormy Daniels case could completely change the outcome.

Michael Avenatti, the former attorney for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, has made serious allegations against Daniels, accusing her of falsifying business records and engaging in fraud.

Avenatti’s allegations center on Daniels’ efforts to evade paying legal fees owed to former President Donald Trump, following a court ruling.

These claims raise questions about potential legal action by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is currently prosecuting Trump in a high-profile case.

In a detailed statement posted on social media platform X, Avenatti claimed that Daniels colluded with documentary producers to obscure payments she received for her participation in a film that he described as a “puff piece” aimed to disparage both him and Trump.

Avenatti stated, “Will DA Bragg pursue charges against her for falsification of business records, fraud, etc.?”

Avenatti recounted an interaction with Sarah Gibson, a producer for the documentary, alleging that Gibson openly admitted to devising a payment scheme to help Daniels avoid making court-ordered payments to Trump.

“To say that I was shocked when I was told this would be an understatement,” Avenatti expressed, recounting his surprise upon learning that the producers and Daniels had allegedly engaged in criminal acts including wire fraud and fraudulent transfers, purportedly to defraud Trump and dodge legal financial obligations.

The backdrop to these accusations includes a 2023 court order requiring Daniels to pay $120,000 in legal fees to Trump following an unsuccessful defamation suit she filed against him.

Daniels publicly stated she would rather face jail than comply with the payment order, highlighting her defiance and the contentious nature of her legal battles with Trump.

Currently, Daniels is involved in another legal drama as she testifies in New York City in a case initiated by DA Bragg.

The case concerns payments made by Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, which were allegedly intended to prevent Daniels from disclosing details of an affair with Trump—a claim she has previously denied but has now, according to her testimony, rehearsed for the trial.

Avenatti’s call for Bragg to prosecute Daniels for similar crimes to those alleged against Trump points to potential inconsistencies in legal accountability.

This situation raises broader questions about the fairness and impartiality of the judicial process, particularly in high-profile cases entangled with political implications.

The allegations by Avenatti suggest a misuse of legal and financial maneuvers to sidestep judicial rulings, which could undermine public trust in the legal system if not addressed.

The implication that documentary producers might also be involved in these schemes adds another layer of complexity, suggesting that the manipulation of business records could be part of a broader strategy to influence public perception and legal outcomes.

The direct call out to DA Bragg to pursue charges underscores the polarized nature of these legal entanglements and the high stakes for all parties involved.

Will the Radical Left justice system pursue charges against Stormy Daniels the same way they are prosecuting Trump?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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