New interview with top Liberal lawmaker unveils Left’s true intentions

The Radical Left has made it clear that they have little to no regard for this nation nor the people who live here. But even so, people were still shocked when they said this.

And a new interview with a top Liberal lawmaker has unveiled the Left’s true intentions.

Representative Jamaal Bowman, a Democrat from New York, has recently expressed his support for resettling Palestinian refugees in the United States and granting amnesty to illegal immigrants residing in the country for extended periods.

During an interview with Yonkers Voice, Bowman revealed his views on these issues, which have stirred considerable debate among policymakers and the public alike.

In the interview, conducted last week and rapidly gaining traction online, Bowman was asked about his stance on allowing refugees from Gaza to seek refuge in the U.S.

His response was unequivocal, as he stated his full support for the measure.

The congressman emphasized the long-standing American tradition of welcoming those fleeing persecution, oppression, and violence from regions worldwide, including Palestine and various Central American and Caribbean countries.

“We are a land of immigrants, and we are a land of asylum seekers,” Bowman said, underscoring his belief in the U.S. as a sanctuary for those who wish.

He added, “They’re coming here to contribute to our economy, which 99.9 percent of them are. We’ve always been a place to open our doors to immigrants coming here. So fully support that. And also, fully support amnesty for the migrants who have been here for quite some time.”

Furthermore, during the same interview, Bowman touched upon controversial topics related to U.S. foreign policy and domestic issues.

He criticized past American foreign policies as being rooted in “racism” and “imperialism” and voiced his support for reparations.

His remarks are indicative of his broader critique of historical U.S. international relations, particularly concerning Africa.

Aside from his policy positions, Bowman has gained notoriety for his dramatic actions in Congress, such as pulling a fire alarm to delay a vote.

Recently, he was also misled by a parody account into inviting a fictitious “Gaza rabbi” to host a fundraiser, an incident that highlights the naiveness of the Left.

Bowman’s stance on these issues reflects a progressive viewpoint that aligns with the broader Radical Left.

His advocacy for refugees and illegal immigrants is part of a larger debate regarding change in the immigration process, border security, and America First politics.

As debates over immigration and foreign policy continue to evolve, Bowman’s outspoken views are likely to influence discussions within the Democratic Party and the Radical Left.

The Left has no care for this nation, but instead spends all of their time focusing on foreign terrorists, and illegal immigrants, and sending stolen taxpayer dollars overseas.

We must not allow this to continue any longer, and we must elect leaders who will put the needs of the nation first.

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1 month ago

These lying, disgusting Demonic dems hate America and prove it every day.
If you lefties haven’t seen this disaster they have caused America, then you should all move to GAZA and see how you like it.
I even bet you’d be happy in Iran, China, Russia, or Ukraine.
Please get the heck out of our government and stop your mountain of lies, hate and division.
If you all won’t go peacefully, you will be wiped off any place in our once great country.
Nothing but haters, divisers and crooks!

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