New pressure from Biden administration shows cracks in the Democrat Party

The Biden administration has used its power in many different ways to pressure individuals, companies, and others into doing what they want. But it comes at the cost of giving away the game.

And the newest pressures from the Biden administration shows cracks in the Democrat Party.

The issue of immigration is one that is on all reasonable American’s minds, and it is also one that the Biden administration refuses to address.

Joe Biden, his administration, and the Democrats of this country refuse to acknowledge that there is anything wrong with our border, and the policies they keep proposing are worse and worse.

As if our economy was not bad enough, Joe Biden is letting in millions of illegal aliens that continue to cripple our economy further.

And now, on top of that, Joe Biden has threatened banks with punishments if they do not start granting loans to illegal immigrants.

Breitbart states that “The loans-for-migrants push is yet another effort by pro-migration lobbies to shoehorn wage-cutting, rent-spiking illegals into Americans’ fractured society.”

This newest program is sure to spell out even more economic and civic destruction for Americans across the nation while giving free handouts to illegal aliens.

The warning by Biden officials was a barely veiled threat: “This guidance reminds lenders that denying someone access to credit based solely on their actual or perceived immigrant status may [emphasis added] violate federal law.”

However, even though it threatens banks, that statement admits that “The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) … [and] regulations found at 12 C.F.R. part 1002, commonly known as “Regulation B” … do not expressly prohibit consideration of immigration status.”

So now, Joe Biden and the Radical Leftists in this nation have resorted to illegally threatening banks if they do not give money to illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden is an absolute joke and his entire administration has no credibility at all.

Even though these individuals have entered the country illegally and have no right to be here, banks are being threatened and pressured into giving away money to them.

What sort of policy is that? Anyone with even half of a brain can see the destruction in this new effort by the Radical Left.

Once again, Joe Biden is giving away handouts to people in this country illegally, but Americans who work hard every week adding to the economy are barely able to provide for their families.

The average legal (emphasis on legal) American struggles to pay for gas and groceries, but Joe Biden continues to spend our hard-earned tax-payer dollars on giving things away for free to illegals and criminals.

As billions of dollars are pumped into illegal aliens, American families still receive nothing but higher prices everywhere.

Joe Biden has proven on so many different occasions that he cares nothing for America or the citizens of this amazing country.

As he gives away hundreds of billions to foreign powers, terrorist groups, and handouts for illegals, we are still left struggling for the basics.

Our president is treasonous and a disgrace and the American people must hold him and his entire corrupt administration accountable.

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