New Video of President Biden has Washington, D.C. in shambles

It seems every week there’s a Biden gaffe to talk about. But this is more than just a gaffe.

As a new video of President Biden has Washington, D.C. wondering what in the world is going on.

There’s a few good reasons why President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are a complete and utter dumpster fire and have been for nearly two years now. You could point to the economy, immigration, and a whole host of other things.

If you look at the graphs of his approval ratings since his inauguration, the summer of 2021 really started to sink the Biden administration. Well what happened there that Biden and company have not been able to recover from?

The Afghanistan pullout disaster. No doubt that since 2021, the major issues that are keeping Joe Biden’s approval ratings low are the struggling economy as inflation ravages Americans’ finances as well as illegal immigration run amok.

Yet, the one issue that truly marked the end of the honeymoon period for Mr. Biden and the Democrats, it was foreign policy. Specifically his mishandling of the U.S. military around the world as Americans watched in horror what went on in Afghanistan.

Recently, the Republican National Party published a video online that highlighted just how dangerous Joe Biden has been for the safety of America and her citizens. Not just because of illegal immigration being left unchecked, but also because of major foreign conflicts popping up every other month.

The RNC put up a video this weekend with testimony from a handful of U.S. House Representatives who served in the U.S. military. The House Reps were extremely critical of Joe Biden’s performance so far in handling foreign affairs, and alleged that the United States is closer to “World War III” than at any point in history.

Derrick Van Orden from the state of Wisconsin said that we “are closer to World War Three than we have been in my lifetime,” and added that this includes when he served during the Reagan administration.

Watch the clip below:

All you have to do is look at how atrocious the Biden administration’s record on foreign policy and international peace has been so far to see why he’s receiving so much heat for it lately.

The Biden Democrat lackeys have been claiming that the Ukraine war would be over any day now for more than two years now, and they continue to propagandize the Americans to drum up support for sending billions of taxpayer dollars more to the proxy war.

Israel, America’s closest ally, is getting mixed signals every single week from the Biden administration about how they should approach their war against the cowardly terrorists in Hamas after the tragic October 7th attack.

Iran is growing more and more bold in their campaign to build nuclear weapons for a holy war against Israel and eventually the rest of the major Western civilizations like in America and Britain.

China is inching closer to invading Taiwan. That’s another issue that the Biden administration continues to flip-flop. Would America militarily support Taiwan in the event China invaded? Who knows. It doesn’t even seem like the White House knows.

Americans exercising their voting rights this November will be looking at this, alongside the manifold issues that Joe Biden is failing on, and they are going to be wondering whether the nearly 82-year old President deserves another four years in office.

That’s a hard sell for the Democrats. Especially as Donald Trump continues to outperform anyone’s expectations for him in the polls.

Which really makes one wonder if the Democrats are content to put Biden up against Donald Trump once more. Maybe the “magic” of 2020 won’t strike again for the Democrats.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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