Newest allegation against Biden has the president terrified

Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry is finally official. And experts are already showing just how serious things are.

And this newest allegation against Biden has the president terrified.

The Biden family’s legal woes seem to deepen by the day, and Hunter Biden’s defiant refusal to answer questions under oath has opened a new front in the House’s impeachment inquiry.

Legal experts are sounding the alarm, suggesting his actions could bolster the case against President Biden and even lead to additional charges for the embattled son.

Jonathan Turley, a renowned law professor at George Washington University, has identified a potential goldmine for impeachment investigators in Hunter Biden’s latest stunt.

In an op-ed for The Messenger, Turley argues that communication between President Biden and his son before Hunter’s press conference could be grounds for obstruction of justice.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s admission that President Biden was “familiar” with his son’s planned remarks has set off alarm bells.

While Jean-Pierre dodged questions about potential discussions between the two, Turley sees this as a smoking gun.

“If this latest allegation is true,” he writes, “the president was speaking with his son about committing a potentially criminal act of contempt.”

This, Turley argues, could be a “breathtaking mistake” for the Bidens.

Not only does it bolster the case for obstruction, but it also opens the door for further investigations.

The House can now probe the conversation between father and son, potentially uncovering evidence of collusion or attempts to influence the impeachment inquiry.

Turley’s analysis doesn’t stop there.

He points out that Hunter Biden’s defiance could have “opened a new potential front for prosecution.”

His bizarre public display, refusing to answer questions under oath, could be construed as witness tampering or obstruction of justice, potentially leading to additional charges against the already troubled younger Biden.

This latest development adds fuel to the impeachment fire, providing House investigators with a new line of inquiry and potentially strengthening their case against President Biden.

The potential for obstruction, collusion, and even witness tampering is a serious blow to the Biden administration and could have significant consequences in the months to come.

For Americans, this is a moment to demand accountability and transparency.

Hunter Biden’s refusal to answer questions is a blatant act of defiance, and the potential involvement of President Biden only deepens the concerns.

The House must pursue this investigation with vigor, leaving no stone unturned and holding those in power accountable for their actions.

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