Obama releases terrifying statement that has Biden sweating bullets

President Obama hasn’t been in office for years. Yet many think he’s still pulling the strings.

And Obama released a terrifying statement that has Biden sweating bullets.

Obama led the nation into a number of conflicts during his presidency due to his failed foreign policies, and his opinions certainly haven’t changed much since he was president.

Obama is a true politician and knows how to say a lot of words without actually saying anything, maybe that is why he and Joe Biden get along so well.

Obama manages to make arguments for both sides of the conflict in the Middle East without taking a side.

He pushes anti-Semitic rhetoric and spreads lies about Israel and how they have been treating civilians.

It seems that Obama has forgotten that it was Hamas and not Israel that has been using human shields.

At the end of his long post, Obama includes a reading list for people to inform themselves about the conflict between Hamas and Israel, yet the articles he recommends all seem fairly one-sided.

Obama appeals to the far-left mob that wants to see the Jewish community annihilated and Israel destroyed.

In trying to appease everyone instead of taking a side, Obama has appealed to the pro-terrorism group that endorses the murder of innocent civilians and the use of babies as human shields.

Obama is a weak politician and we remember his weak leadership from his time in the White House, and he is continuing down the same path.

Because Obama is trying to appeal to everyone and keep everyone happy, he has condemned Israel and the Jewish community as a whole.

It has become even more clear why Netanyahu never trusted Obama.

Obama has succumbed to the Radical mob and has used his position to push his pro-Hamas propaganda.

When Obama tried to keep everyone happy, he lumped both sides together in the war in the Middle East, but it is not Israel who has committed these heinous crimes.

America needs strong leaders who will take care of their allies and have strong opinions instead of weak and watered-down mindless thoughts that do nothing for any communication.

America needs leaders with strong foreign policies and strong rhetoric who can lead this country from our current decline.

We need to hold our leaders accountable for their actions and only elect strong leaders.

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