President Biden’s motorcade ambushed in stunning attack

Politics is always a dangerous game. You never know what is right around the corner.

And President Biden’s motorcade was just ambushed in a stunning attack.

Biden finally made his way to Hawaii almost two weeks after the tragic fires that destroyed thousands of homes and killed hundreds.

Biden has made it clear leading up to his trip that he does not care about Hawaii.

From his laugh and “no comment” to his obvious delay in traveling to Hawaii, Biden has not tried to keep his feelings on Hawaii and its residents a secret.

When Biden landed in Maui on Monday, it was clear how the residents felt about him.

As his motorcade made its way through the streets, angry crowds waved their middle fingers, held signs that said “no comment”, and shouted in protest.

As Joe Biden prepared to give a scripted speech about how wonderful he was and how amazing the federal response had been, locals chanted “go home Joe.”

While Biden certainly had this response coming, and should have even expected it, I am sure he was a bit blindsided.

Hawaii has been a predominately blue state in major elections for decades, and some polls place it in the top ten most Democratic states.

Biden, I am sure was relying on sweeping Hawaii, as usual, in the 2024 election.

However, after his recent trip, he can’t be so sure.

One resident asked, “Where has the President been?”

Biden’s speech was grossly inappropriate and not at all respectful.

Biden also delivered his speech at a podium with the presidential seal, and a small table for his water bottle.

Meanwhile, the ashes of destroyed homes, businesses, and livelihoods surrounded him and served as the backdrop.

Many residents were also frustrated at how Biden arrived.

When he landed at the small airport near Lahaina, a resident remarked that there had been no other aircraft that had landed or provided any aid or supplies.

“Any number of military aircraft, planes, and helicopters could have flown in here. To leave a town that was just devastated and shut down was just ridiculous. The runway wasn’t cratered,” one resident stated.

The entire response has been terrible on the part of many officials.

The emergency alarms were not sounded in time, and there was also a delay in approval to release water to battle the deadly fires.

This has all added up to what has become the worst wildfire in US history in centuries.

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