Republican Kari Lake makes alarming claim about this Republican candidate

The race for the White House is off to the races. But this most recent incident has people raising eyebrows.

And Kari Lake has made an alarming claim about this Republican candidate.

Kari Lake, a former Arizona gubernatorial candidate, has made a shocking error in her comparison of Ron DeSantis to Gavin Newsom.

In a recent appearance on the PBD podcast, Kari Lake painted a ridiculously erroneous picture of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

She accused the governor of taking “a page out of Gavin Newsom’s playbook” by closing beaches at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She even went so far as to claim that DeSantis forced interventions such as vaccines and face masks for children.

Lake said, “Let us not forget that DeSantis also shut the beaches down. DeSantis took a page out of Gavin Newsom’s playbook. Despite what he says he shut the beaches down. He did force vaccines. He did force face masks on our kids. So he tries to act like he was perfect and Florida …”

The host even gave her a chance to reconsider what Lake was claiming asking if DeSantis really did “force vaccines on kids?”

However, instead of backing down, Kari Lake doubled down and emphatically restated her initial piece.

Not only is Kari Lake wrong, but she is also as far from the truth as anyone could possibly be on this matter.

Florida was known for being one of the most patriotic responses to the COVID pandemic, and they certainly did not mandate any vaccines or masks.

Florida was one of the first states to open their schools back up in the fall of 2020, and DeSantis has taken further legal steps to ensure that unconstitutional mandates will not be possible in the future.

Florida had one of the lowest COVID death rates in the country, and the state’s economy recovered far more quickly than almost any other.

Governor DeSantis’s handling of the pandemic was extremely patriotic, pro-America, and pro-Constitution.

The fact that anyone would deny his handling of the issue as anything other than exemplary is absurd and outrageous.

While DeSantis did initially close beaches in March of 2020, he also reopened them again just a month later in April.

And from there, the Governor listened to advice from public officials, but he allowed local governments to make decisions for themselves… as it should be.

Kari Lake’s ridiculous lies have been criticized across the political spectrum and many conservatives are outraged at her insane accusations.

DeSantis has been widely praised for his handling of the pandemic, which was far more balanced and less restrictive than Newsom’s approach in California.

Lake needs to be held accountable for her outrageous claims, and the public should now from now on to take her information with a grain of salt.

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