Republican leader calls out Biden for one massive lie

It is no secret that Joe Biden is a liar. But even so, people were still dumbfounded by this recent incident.

And a Republican leader has called out Joe Biden for this massive lie.

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) attacked President Joe Biden this past weekend for moving to limit mining and oil exploration in his state but for not imposing sanctions on some of the country’s most dangerous enemies.

Sullivan said this when speaking with Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” on Sunday on CBS News.

Brennan said, “I know you’re also passionate about this and what the Biden administration just announced about your state of Alaska,”

“He has limited oil and gas drilling in parts in the National Petroleum Reserve to protect polar bears and other things. And then he also blocked a road crucial to operating a copper and zinc mine,” he added.

Brenna stated, “You said this is ‘suicidal’ and ‘lawless.’ Those are strong words.”

Sullivan replied: “Well, it’s lawless. He doesn’t have the authority to do it. And I could go into all the laws that support me on that. It’s, as I say, national security suicide. Look, this president won’t sanction the Iranian oil and gas regime. You may have seen Senator Blumenthal and I put a – sent a letter to the president on Friday, saying you need to do that.”

“But he has no problem sanctioning Alaska,” the Senator added.

“This administration has issued 63 executive orders and executive actions singularly focused on Alaska to shut our state down. Now, that, of course, hurts my constituents. But, Margaret, the national resources, energy, critical minerals, that’s an American strength.”

“This should concern all kinds of Americans,” he continued.

“I will mention one final thing that I really wanted to highlight here. You know, I have been in the Senate nine years. I have never seen such a cynical and dishonest display coming out of any presidency when this president on Friday, with Secretary Haaland, announced that they did this because the Alaska Natives, the indigenous people on the North Slope of Alaska asked them to, they wanted them to.”

“The leaders of the North Slope of Alaska were unanimous in opposition to this,” Sullivan added.

“They tried to meet with Secretary Haaland. She wouldn’t meet with them. This is a rule that focuses on their land where they’ve been living for thousands of years. And then the president says, well, I did it because the indigenous people of Alaska wanted it. That is a lie.”

Joe Biden and the Radical Left claim to be champions of the people and the environment, yet their actions are quite the opposite.

As Senator Sullivan has proven, Joe Biden and the Left do not care about the American people, and they will continue to push their Radical agenda and do not care who it hurts.

In addition to flat-out lying about what exactly the indigenous people of Alaska wanted, Sullivan pointed out that Biden was also “canceling their voices and now stealing their voices.”

He said that “it was really a despicable move.”

We must hold our elected officials accountable, and we cannot let them silence the voices of Americans across the nation.

We must stand up for our rights and our freedoms before it is too late.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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